Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's make some lines, shall we?

So with the addition of Robert Lang on Friday, Habs are now looking at an abundance of forwards. Where to put them all? We know Carbo will just throw some names in a hat and come up with some lines, but we have a bit more sense than that. We will ask the difficult questions. Most notably, keep the Danse à 10 line together? Or reunite Gang Bang Lang with Kovy who made magic back in the day with the Pens?

Here's one methhead's view:

Big Tits-Pleks-Kovy
Tangy-Langy-Little Tits
Higgins-Koivu-New and Improved Gui!
Bégin-Chips-Greek Lightning/Laracque

Go ahead, tell me I'm on meth in the comments.


Jen23 said...

Hey! Where's my man Maxim! I think that by signing him this summer they proved taht, in their mind, he had a head up on Chip.

Plus, you know. He's smoking hot.

HabsFan29 said...

@jen23 - In fact I do think Max will probably be the 4th line C. I just love Chips so much I figured if I kept writing his name, he'll make the team

Gorak25 said...

I'd like to see:

Tanguay - Koivy - Gui
Higgins - Lang - Kovy
Big Tits - Pleks - Little Tits
Bégin - Lapierre/Chips - Greek/Laracque

too close to toronto said...

big tits - pleks - kovy
higgins - koivu - tanguay
little tits - gang bang - laraque
greek lightning - max/chips - tenderness

Anonymous said...

Shouldna been 'make' some lines, shoulda been 'do' some lines, lots of big fat juicy Peruvian ones. Yummy.

But I digress. Again.

Throw them all out there at the same time. What's this 5 skaters shit rule anyway? Who made that up?

Some twat like 400 years ago. Some like Victorian guy with a bad mustache.

Fuck that.

13 a side, wack crack smack.

Like on our outdoor rinks before you guys and girls were born, like 1972 ish.

Back in the days when decent hard working Montreal Italian fathers still ended up in the trunks of Caddies in long term parking at Dorval airport. Dead as fuck.



Bob said...

Another one of Jeff’s flashback, got to love them.
HF 29, meth on a Monday ?

Gui/CPT K/Tanguay
Big T/Pleks/Kovy
Higgy/Lang/Little T
Begin/Mad Max/Georges

Le P'tit Viking said...

Gregory Stewart.

I think this future Cam Neely (minus the disgusting brown and yellow jersey) will move up to the mother club this year.

Line 4 is Begin/kostopoulos - Max - Stewart.

(Sorry Big George, but your eally can't play hockey can you?)

Topham said...

I hope we didn't get Tanguay to play with a cast-off from Chicago. Ugh.

Tanguay - Koivu - Andrei

Higgins - Plekanec - Kovalev

Lapierre - Lang - Sergei

Kostop - Chipchura - Begin

Latendresse, the awkward piece that everyone is trying to force in, just won't go. He's garbage with Kovalev, the stats show it. He is useless on offence if you ask him to play defence (can't make up the ground). And, Koivu deserves a chance at not dragging someone along.

Kovalev and Plek work nicely. But if Kostitsyn is to be a shooter, he must be with the passers (not the top2 goalscorers on the team). Andrei with Saku to move him closer to his (future) Richard trophy.

HabsFan29 said...

@bob - any day is a meth day!

@JeffHK - considering the photo i used, an even better headline would have been "Let's play with some lines", but I digress. and god love you

@topham - "cast-off from Chicago" - nice. the first negative Lang talk around here. if Lang is our answer, maybe we should FEAR THE COLLAPSE, people. ooh i feel better now

Anonymous said...

Tanguay-Koivu Latendresse (IF!!! he can skate and produce if not Higgins)
Any combination of Laps-Larauqe-Chips-Kosty-Begin whoever is healthy and is playing better

Ian Vitro said...

Lang isn't a saviour, but I felt we weren't deep enough at centre. He's an OK fit, but bad value... I think I'd rather have gotten Mathieu Schneider on waivers. Much better than Brisebois as a token member of our last Stanley Cup-winning team.

Tanguay - Koivu - Little Tits
Big Tits - Pleks - Kovy
Higgins - Lang - Gui/Chips
Mad Max - Begin/Kosto - Laraque