Sunday, March 13, 2011

Afternoon FHFun, was it good for you? cuz it was good for me! ~ Habs 3 - Pens 0 ~ Game Review for your Sunday spooning thread

I love weekends. They're sexy. Fun things happen on a delightful Saturday afternoon when the Habs win.

Game 69 ~ Habs played great at both ends. Who doesn't love these digits, 38-24-7.

Who needs a beard? ~ We do and we like Paul Mara. He's added protection.

Rubbing one out ~ After not performing in their last outing our pent up Habs looked great, undressed the Pens and unloaded whilst releasing tension.

Bed spring forward ~ CHange your cLocks FHFers or be late for that date with your mate.
CHicken CHoked ~ Pouliot has lost his mojo. Needs to be stimulateDDD.

Big dicks ~ At their usual cheap peep show cbc/hnic drops a loonie to see foot fetish aficionado ron wilson compare blocking a shot to a concussion. Go eat burke's toe jam.
Premature PleXXX-Elation! ~ The first of Montreal's quick strokes came 46 seconds into the game on Plekanec's 21st goal, second-most on the team. He beat Pittsburgh's Jordan Staal on the faceoff, 'slipped' around him and backhanded a sausage from Mike Cammalleri behind goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.

Ménage-à-quoi? ~ Two Pens tried to do Subban, he just smiled and enjoyed the attention.
Not the face! ~ MOEmaN shoots and scores from a nice little Gio sausage pass as the Canadiens struck just 24 seconds into the second period on Moen's one-timer. The play began with Scott Gomez intercepting a breakout pass by Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang, the puck almost hit Fleury in the mask.

Be BraZZen ~ PatCHes, you lucky fucking bastard. Merci lg.

Cammi Sutra ~ Cammalleri made it 3-0 at 6:51, 'going down' to one knee to redirect Jeff Halpern's sharp sausage by Fleury. Squid finally finds the G-spot!
Pulled out ~ After three goals on 12 shots, Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma replaced Fleury with Brent Johnson, who stopped all eight shots he faced.

Lovetoy™ ~ Lovejoy, what a cool name. Imagine if he was a Hab. No need for a nickname but oh what FHFun it is to ride.

Push, push, was it bush? ~ PK's elbowing penalty seemed like a cheap makeup move.

Pets de soeurs ~ heh, you probably expected some kind of fart noise. Nope. Made these with real sirop d'érable. Yes they look like bellybuttons, eat, up.
JackHamr ~ Roman sex maCHine was +3. How old is that cat?

Not all blowjobs are good ~ Old prick bob cold and masturbating millen still can't get it up.

Shooting blanks ~ Flightless birds couldn't come from behind and score as Habs hot Playboy Carey Price notched his goalposts for the eighth shutout this season, he's headed to the Canadiens goalie Penthouse.

No Scissor Sisters ~ No Sid, No Gino, No scoring. NTTIAWWT.

Roll over, snooze and reload ~ to bust a Cap in OVs ass, then bitCHslap Boucher's bunch of muffed up divers.


Mr. natural said...

What? Everyone still sleeping. Did LG buy rounds of single malts for all on Saturday night?


Kinda feels like things are getting bask to normal (!?) in a psychotic FHF, Mr. N. orangie et al sorta way.

That is all.

lawyergirl77 said...

OMG des pets de soeurs!!! Now I'm starvulating!! Thanks Moe...

lawyergirl77 said...

@Mr. N - no rounds of single malt. Whaddya think I'm made of? money?? ;)

the Maritimer said...


Moey said...

Moeman, you naughty boy. You need a spanking.

HabsFan29 said...

sexy friday came after all! just a little slowly

add one afternoon game plus one hour time change i'm just totally discombobulated. what day is it?

Mr. natural said...


I'll buy, limited size of group and none of that stuff from the $7K bottles.

Hey wait a minute aren't you one of them there rich lawyers?

Feeling(like Nina Simone) good, spring is in the air,playoffs loom, Bolts bad on D weak in nets, Broons we got their number + they can't bully us 'cause we kill them on the PP, Rangers no danger,Caps are pretenders with the league's worst coach,Birds are truly flightless, no real worries about Sabres (that's my next game)that just leaves you know who (PHuck!) and they've been looking much less invincible that they have all season long.

I don't know 'bout you but Mr. n likes the way TFS has been so PHucken' steady and I'm feeling rather optimistic!

Oh ya not sure who, but someone on RDS said something about TFS preserving his S**T**T with like 20 seconds left, man I wish they would stop that shit.


moeman said...

Moey, you, are, incorrigible!

Number31 said...

Nun's Farts are the best cookies around but so fucking terrible for your health... Whatevs, world's gonna end next year anyway. See y'all at the apocalypso.

moeman said...

R.I.P. Richard Martin.

Orangeman said...

Great by-the-book game. Good to see them back on track, although in all honesty this is a depleted Pens team (ours is too, but maybe not as much).

Got to boo the hell out of a bruin fan last night at a comedy show. I booed till I could boo no more. He was forced to admit the hit was dirty by the rage (and drunkeness) of the crowd. Good times. I was wearing my Habs shirt and was asked several times if I am going to the protest on Tuesday. There are flyers (no, not Plyers) all over downtown reminding people it's a PEACEFUL protest. I have class that night, but I walk through Lucien L'Allier metro and the front of the Bell Centre between work and school (my class is a mere few doors down from the place) so I'll 'be there' in a sense.

Speaking of which, and I know we're all getting tired of talking about 'THE HIT', but TSN has a delightful article about the GM meeting this week. Apparently there is a great divide between those outside the game and those inside who don't see a problem with the hit. To prove this point they quote Ron fucking Wilson twice. And no one else. Nevermind Sedin, Mario, Thorton, Bylsma, the entire Habs organization, and even several leafs. Nope, Ron Wilson, winner of exactly nothing who hasn't seen spring hockey since we listened to music on giant round things, speaks the word of god. What's this country's (specifically the leaf's) obsession with loser coaches? Just used to it?

Also, learned from that article that any rule change has to be approved by the competition committee. Who heads that committee? Why, it's the owner of the Philedalphia Phucking Phlyers! So le's get this straight, the bruin owner controls the Comish, the father of a bruin player heads the disciplinary division, and the owner of the Phlyers gets final say on rule changes. Not to mention bruin and leaf lackies run the hockey media in Canada. A pack of foxes guarding the hen house. And we wonder why the game is deteriorating into a thug's wet dream. Unbelievable.

One more word and then I'll let it go. Cherry is an idiot and we all could have written his inarticulate rant 5 seconds after the hit, there was no surprise there and thus no outrage. But intentionally forgetting Patch's name and then asking for it like he was asking for the time of the next bus was beyond classless. What a fucking mockery of a human being. Piece of shit loser who has to live off government support to survive. Garbage.

That is all. Happy Sunday. Two points back of the Evil Empire.

GYFHG! Even you Mex!

HabsFan29 said...

anyone looked at the standings today? there's a nice little 3-6 clusterfuck the Habs seem to be in on. until the Pens win today of course

fuck don cherry. i didnt even watch it but fuck don cherry

Steve said...

There is always a gametomorrow.

moeman said...

Steve, saw that earlier. Comic genius.

Speaking of genial comedy, shouldn't we be calling him Fuckface Cherry?

Habswede said...

Anyone got an hfboard account and like to send me an invite? =) Never been a member there.


Number31 said...

The issue of The Hit should never die. This is fucking Montreal! If fans of other teams are pissy 'cause we're pissy then fuck off. Where were YOU when your team's player was half dead on the ice? Busy watching baseball?

Steve said...

@31 I will boycott Tims until they do more than make a limp dick statement.

For me watching the NHL develop over the last five years is like watching the cancer develop over Canada for the last five years, and the bottom line for both is no one either seems to give a fuck or welcome both.

Orangeman said...

Guys, we've got it all wrong. Bettman has made Americans notice hockey. All publicity is good publicity, right?

Number31 said...

Agreed Steve. I haven't touched a Timmy's coffee in weeks anyway. MMMuffins have better coffee anyway, with toast to boot.

Steve said...

When Winnipeg gets a team it will be good for Montreal, because compared to Winnipeg, Montreal is NYC for Americans.

They cant put a team in Hamilton but Winnipeg is great, cant wait. Another example of how mickey mouse this league really is.

iRiRi said...