Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TMS Rants: What the fuck is wrong with you people?

By "you people," of course TMS is not referring to our three awesome readers, but the fucking idiots who chose to riot after the Habs' Game 7 5-0 win last night. Sure, FHF readers may have trouble with the law on occasion (welcome out, free4life!), but you're not a bunch of fucking idiots.

I awoke at my usual ungodly hour this morning full of excitement. Ready to write TMS in all its post-series win glory. I was even going to praise Coach Carbo! That'll tell you what kind of mood I was in. Sure, the praise was going to be tempered by the first of many "act like you've been there before, Habs fans" mini-rants that you're going to get from me over the next day or two. But as I turned on CJAD, the news hit me like a ton of bricks. And my immediate reaction was what the fuck is wrong with you people?

Look, I enjoy a good riot as much as the next guy. I've been there. But after a Round 1 win? Are you fucking kidding me? The fine people at Reebok and Foot Locker (TMS wears a size 9, thanks!) did not deserve to have their stores smashed and looted. The Montreal police did not deserve to have their cars burnt like in the video above. And the happy Montrealers who just happened to have parked downtown last night certainly did not deserve what they got.

Now I'm sure it was not a majority of celebrators who did nasty things. It was undoubtedly a small group of people who were hell-bent on destruction probably no matter what happened at the game. But the "one bad apple spoils the bunch" axiom is staring us in the face here. We'll have to watch our step walking downtown this morning because of all the broken glass on the streets thanks to those bad apple fucktards.

Montreal is the greatest city in the world. I'm proud to call this city my home for nearly 40 years. But now we look like idiots to everyone else. So this morning, I am no longer proud. I'm just fucking embarassed.


L Dude said...

So this morning, I am no longer proud. I'm just fucking embarassed.

My sentiments exactly 29! I have nothing on these dicks. Seriously, what's a little tax fraud between friends?
This is just plain idiotic. I can't imagine what those boneheads were thinking. Anybody the police even thinks may have been involved should be shipped with Harold and Kumar to Guantanamo Bay until mid June!

HabScot said...

What a bunch of morons. Way to spoil the atmosphere, clowns.

Anonymous said...

How did they burn 16 police cars? Baffling. Did the cops just leave them?

Ah it's all good fun. No-one was hurt. But they should of saved it for the finals!

Anonymous said...

To bad that a hand full of morons, probably not even giving a rat’s ass about hockey, took advantage of the situation to take center stage.

Fuck you morons.

The series ended the way it started, Kostytsin brothers scoring.
Way to go Habs !

Anonymous said...

No, it's not "all in good fun". It's a fucking disgrace. Stanley Cup celebrations prior to '86 had none of this bullshit whatsoever. Something is seriously fucked up when people accept rioting, vandalism and looting as "fun".

Anonymous said...

You could argue, burned out wrecks of police cars aside, that broken glass actually adds some sparkle - literally - to Ste. Catherine...


TH (Who should probably get in touch with HF10 at some point soon)

Anonymous said...

I heard that the riot originated from people who went to a Wu Tang Concert last night. Buddy of mine was at the game and he said afterwards all these people came out of the concert and were riling the drunk people who were watching the game. The first police car fire was started by the concert goers.
We shouldn't be so quick to blame the fans who were watching the game.

Anonymous said...

As an Oiler fan growing up near Calgary, 1986 was tremendously tough. At least my 1A team (thanks to watching SRC back in the day) beat those fracking Flames - but I didn't remember that brawl for some reason.

I have no idea if Stanley Cup rioting happened prior to the Oilers first victory in 1984, but numerous shops along Jasper Ave were smashed and looted. Coincidentally or not, it started the move of the night scene to another part of the city. (I don't remember hearing of riots as bad in 85, 87, 88 or 90)

But after 1984 riots happened with the examples you mentioned in Montreal in 86 plus 93, Calgary on the then "Electric Avenue" in 89 (fracking Lanny McDonald), Vancouver and Robson Street in 94, Calgary on 17th Avenue's Red Mile in 04, and Edmonton on Whyte Avenue in 06. Anarchists have it easier these days to organize - with text messaging and all.

Funny enough I don't remember hearing anything about a riot in Ottawa last year. I think some shops in Kanata might have had a few shoplifters though.

Ah well, back to the task at hand. The Broons got their hearts ripped out in another game 7, and hope that the Sharks do their part so I don't have to hear the CBCs Calgary hard-on any more.

And I for one am concerned as a Broon opponent about what kind of player Lucic is going to be when he gets older, bigger!, and more experienced. I think he's this generation's Cam Neely.

4 down - 12 to go!

themindset said...

What a downer.

Bah, who cares about the riots. It's like a kid misbehaving, pay attention and you're giving them what they want.

I come here for the lulz, now make with the jokes.

Unknown said...

More tits please!

fezworth said...

Pensblog hosted a youtube video, that made a good point; not very many habs jerseys among the rioters. These were people out to take advantage, not proud fans celebrating the victory.

Unknown said...

Fucking Anarchists. They probably would have rioted at Rocket Richard's funeral.

Anonymous said...

They should taser these MF's but then every bleeding heart Liberal in this country would crying foul

HF29 is not here but if he was he would say... said...

@anonymous - Mom of HF29 agrees with you! she wrote this in an email to me:

"what can be done to prevent a recurrence? What a bummer. Taser everyone."

Rédaction said...

Nice pair of tits carbo.

It was pretty cool to walk and chant after the game. I was in the streets and seriously, it was only about 30 guys making shit. Everyone else actually booed them when they threw bottles at the MTL police, that in the end are as big of fans as we all are.

But the media showing these images over and over again is only encouraging such behavior.

Anw, I love this city, but assholes are universal.

p.s. LG, superstition works, you rock !!

Anonymous said...

Last night was a brilliant example of a recurring theme for me: "I love my city. I hate my city."

Most of the people I saw who were doing idiot things were NOT wearing Habs parephenalia, which I've been trying to point out to everyone this morning.

Oh and if one more person makes a crack about seeing me on TV/bailing me out of jail I continue smiling and laughing politely, but inside will be secretly thinking of how hard I could punch them to make them shut. up.

By the way - am leaving Mtl for a week to head to Florida for a vacation with my mom. Yes, I'm aware that I'm going to be missing games 1 and 2 - Mr. LG77 won't let me forget it!!

But, hey, at least I won't inadvertently look at playoff tickets!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ron Burgandy Voice:

"Stay Classy, Montreal"

Jaybird said...

I was thinking Ron Burgundy also when I read this article in a different way. I was angry on seeing this news ...but kind of impressed when I read they burnt 16 police cars...as Burgundy was impressed when Baxter ate the whole wheel of cheese. "How is that even possible? ....I'm not even mad"

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver cops taser fare-jumpers on the SkyTrain. The Vancouver cops also had to deal with a riot after a Guns 'N' Roses concert. A Buckethead-era Guns 'N' Roses concert!

So I guess my point is, don't feel too bad about Montreal. It's still pretty classy, relatively speaking. Although I guess it's not as classy as Toronto... I wonder why they don't have any riots after huge playoff victories????

Anonymous said...

41 years of suckitude.

Jaredoflondon said...

I wouldn't put beating the 8th seat team in 7 games when you should have won in 5 as a 'huge playoff victory'.
Better than losing, but I'd call it more of an unclench than anything.

Peter Sutherland said...

Msevigny, ya I guess you're right, rioting at a Guns n' Roses concert is pretty unclassy. That would NEVER happen in Montreal....oh wait....nevermind.