Friday, April 16, 2010

The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, April 16th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of the 25 hottest blonde athletes...
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  • Sorry, we just haven't really regained our speech after last night's 3-2 OT win over the Caps in Game 1. Jagr SuperPleks with the OT winner. Full credit to alot of people in this one. Habs players (even Laps!), Habs coaches (even JM!), Habs front office staff, Habs training staff, whoever. After a lackluster (at best) first period where Jaro held us in it, we played full value the rest of the way. The best we've played in weeks. We'll be happy to eat our words from the Pantscast if they play like that every night. We'll try to get some speech back and have more later;
  • We may not have speech, but let's see what the fine and friendly folks of Japers' Rink have to say: "By just about any metric, the Capitals controlled this game." I guess that's technically true, but there is only one metric that matters. No, not the score. Ovie's 0-fer SOG. Suck it. We kid, we kid. The review is actually quite fair. And we can't piss those guys off, there's way more of them than us;
  • Ryan Miller is Ryan Miller, saves the Sabres' ass in a 2-1 win over the Bs. He made 23 saves in the 2nd period. Yikes;
  • More Canadian OT magic, this time 3-2 from the Nucks over the Kings. Mikael Samuelsson showed his playoff experience and bagged the winner;
  • Leafs will have a giant goalie for two more years;
  • Sens have lost Milan Michalek for the rest of the playoffs with a torn ACL;
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Who'd have thunk we'd be writing "long form video highlights after a win", eh? Yet here we are.


Anonymous said...

loved that Gomez push on Green after the goal.

Jeff from HongKong via Skype for the next Pantscast.


moeman said...

In 93, 'WE' won in OT, too.

Thanks for Tommy Pyatt Mr. Sather.

I need a lozenge.

matt - ftc said...

Need to apologize for my comments about Jaro 2.0 last night. He played great the rest of the game.

6 lap dances to Jaro.

boob gainey said...

Caps only controlled the 1st period. From the 2nd period on it was even with a slight edge to the Habs. said...

I was so hyper I couldn't go to sleep. then when I did I dreamt of successful hockey and sexy Habs through the ages.
been up since 4:30 watching RDS and TSN in a loop.

still hyper (and that's before coffee).

(the crash is goign to be epic(

habsss said...

I missed the game last night but I came home to see the caps fan reactions after the game and I heard one go they should take a skate to plekanec's face. Eh.

You guys should do a 10 things I hate about the caps.

boob gainey said...

Did anyone see the interview Marc Andre Fleury gave after the game. Apparently he was late for the game because he set his alarm clock to the wrong time.

During the interview he was smirking the whole time. "Isn't that hilarious - I almost missed the game and by the way I also cost my team the match?"

Pens aren't repeating this year.

Anonymous said...

wow funny how one game can make you believe again... i hope some of you feel foolish for all your doubt am i right or am i right? Either way welcome back!!!! Go you fucking Habs Go!

soperman said...

That was awesome. Ovie looks psyched out, McSplooge & Co. went to their fall-back position (Habs are playing way over their heads), and that random fan at the end was totally pissed. (He probably is concerned that Washington in 3 won't come true - do these fans not know it is a best of seven? Do they think it is basket-fucking-ball?)

CivilizedWorm said...

I bet Theodore feels like a fucking asshole this morning.

lawyergirl77 said...

Love the way people are saying that the Caps controlled the game, just based on the number of SOG.

It's like partners who say that a good associate is one who bills 2,000 hours a year, without looking at whether those hours actually get charged back to the client.

40+ shots on goal are what Jaro (and even Carey) like. When a goalie is in the zone, he (or she) likes to be busy.

Note where the shots were coming from - decent shots, but ones for which Jaro had a great view. Not a bad game plan for a goalie like Jaro.

lawyergirl77 said...

Oh and @Anon - I figured you would be in here doing the whole "I told you so" thing.

Again, read between the lines for the message that has been in this blog since day one. Hope for the best, expect the worst. It's a defence mechanism for dealing with constant disappointment for the past 17 years.

And read my messages to you yesterday. The little light of hope got much brighter yesterday night, but it's still got a loooong way to go before it burns away the cynicism.

Le Douze said...

The world is upside down.

Jaro 2.0 owned Ovie most of the night, and was maybe the Habs' best D-man. Ovie looked zoned out, from the pre-game interview on in.

The small, fast forwards, after being banged around for half a game, started dominating. (Memo to VS: predictions about who will get tired first, small, fast forwards or heavy hitting slowish D-men, can be dangerous.)

MAB was hitting guys twice his size (though he got called on a lame hook the first time he did that. Memo the the guys: next time you ride an opposing forward into the boards as he enters the zone, remember to first carefully place your stick up the nearest zebra's ass.)

On the other hand, some things are situation normal (all fucked up) - It's ok for a Caps defender to slide under a Canadien's forward's feet to take him out on a near breakaway. No penalty shot will be awarded, no minor penalty. But hey Habs D-men, don't try that at home (or away, for that matter), because that'll be a penalty shot for sure.

Lots of fun. After the first, where the boys looked really nervous but really didn't give up that many quality scoring chances despite the SOG total, they really started to play their game. I would actually give our guys the slight edge the rest of regulation (especially after the midpoint of the 2nd), and the definite edge in OT.

Plans the parade!

Orangeman said...

Just got home here after the day of celebrating. I used to have a fellow Hab fan, but he returned to the promised land last spring. Now I'm stuck with an Isle, Leaf, Oil, Ranger and Flame fans. How do you even deal with that? You can't even antagonize each other. At least our drinking habits fit together (after a month long absence it feels like my first a virgin).

My point is, if I have one, GO HABS GO!

Anonymous said...

@lawyergirl, im just glad we all got a glimpse of what this team can be, Im glad the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter for you, but lets keep this positive vibe thing going and ride it out till the sweet end!

moeman said...

I love sweet ends.

iRiRi said...

You couldn't have written a better ending for last night! THOMAS WHO?!?

It puzzles me that people are saying (elsewhere on the Interwebs) that the Habs stole this one. They didn't steal shit. Sure Jaro was at his best but so was the whole team. They deserved it, point final.

Oh and that bullshit about Ovi not being 100%? Tell me who is at this time of the season? Jagr is playing with a hip injury and is hopped up on painkillers fer chrissakes... Just admit it, Caps fans, we completely shut him down!

I don't know what JM said to them in between the 1st and 2nd but dammit, record it and play it on a loop at practice!

Go Habs Go!!!

sorry for the novel :)

CanuckleHead said...

@RiRi, couldn't say it better myself. Its lovely that we stole the win and lucked out that Ovie the magnificent didn't play up to par. What do you expect though... If we play like that the rest of the way I will be happy with the outcome be it win or loss. I love it when this team makes me proud.

Speaking of sweet ends btw, how about todays sexy friday kudos to 29 thats quite the nice pick me up!!!

iRiRi said...

And most of all, it was FUN! Fast, back and forth, entertaining hockey! Much better than some boring ass NJDevils hockey...

moeman said...

Not so sweet end.

Chenny13 said...

To quote The Simpsons:

Bart: I feel so full of...what's the opposite of shame?
Marge: Pride?
Bart: No, not that far from shame.
Homer: [quavering] Less shame?
Bart: [happy] Yeah...

Le Douze said...

@RiRi - yes, very fun, fast hockey, not that NJ Devils treacle.

From period 2, Caps had trouble getting sustained pressure in their O-zone. Even in period 1 when we "sucked" the shots were mostly from the outside and not really great chances - it was kind of like the early part of the season where we let in tons of shots but the goalies kept 'em all out (almost). The one that went in was screened bigtime.

The guys played hard and I don't think Jaro (1.0) stole the game for us - the team as a whole just plain outplayed the other guys. The Mexican was great, Jaro 2.0 was great, even MAB didn't embarrass himself too much.

Made it fun to watch our boys again