Tuesday, June 22, 2010

$5 mill per year will buy a lot of turtlenecks

Everyone is now reporting that Tomas Plekanec, aka Turtlepleks, aka PleXXXe, has signed a multi-year deal with the Canadiens for $5 million per year. Most people are now reporting it's a 6-year deal. Good for the Goat. He can get those complainers off his back now. HAHAHA. Yeah right.

So is 5 million too much? Too little? Just right? Commence arguing!

Oh yeah, Mathieu DarCHe also signed today, a one-year deal, but no one cares about that now.


Habsfan10 said...

They need to start selling Turtlepleks turtlenecks in the Molson Centre gift shop. Make that $5 million back in a heartbeat!

Habsfan10 said...

It's called the Bell Centre now, isn't it. Whatever. Sell the Turtlepleks Turtlenecks!

Steve said...

He cant be working that hard if he needs turtlenecks to keep warm. However 5 mill for a top 6 player in the NHL is not crazy. If the Squid gets 40 goals its worth it. He is worth at least two Gomez.

kevincrumbs said...

Hm. Hopefully Pleks is less like his playoff counterpart than his regular season counterpart.

Horton to the Bruins. FUCK.

moeman said...

Gonna drop the needle on a recently played parody.

I want more PleXXXe

Get ready to Habsturbate kidz.

There's things that 'WE' guess
And things that 'WE' know
Our boys 'WE' can trust
That little girl that 'WE' want

There's little lines 'WE' ride
And big things that they show
Sometimes 'WE' think WE're gonna get it
But OV don't do it and that's just the way it goes

I swear Semin won't please you
Won't bulge you no twine
'WE' don't need no Brunet
Just look at McSplooge's thighs

WE've waited so long baby
Now that we're FHFriends
Every Habs fan's got patience
And here's where mine ends

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I want you
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It's danseuse on his mankind
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Oh I'd really love 200 to grow
When 29 tells me he's gonna give me ice cream
Then I tell FHF that I love them but they still say no!

I swear Knuble won't squeeze you
Caps got no fucking spine
'WE' don't need no TSN Panel
Just give me more pie!

WE've waited so long baby
Out in the CHold
I can take muCH more baby
Make me lose CHontrol

I want more PleXXXe
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It's CHemical (let's do it)
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PleXXXe is best when it's... One on one
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(4 & 29, bang those bongos)

I'm not your FHFather
I'm just your blogger
Wanna meet my sister?
She is a Habs lover

C-c-c-c-come on

What's your definition of Pants! baby
What do you consider pRonoGGraphy
Don't you know I love Habs till it hurts me baby
Don't you think it's time you sign PleXXXe for me

What's your definition of Pants! baby
What do you consider pRonoGGraphy
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C-c-c-c-come on.





GO !

Greg said...

Pleks' playoffs was under appreciated by a lot of people. He was responsible in large part for the disappearance of such superstars as Alexander Ovechkin and Cindy Crosby.

As much as the media wanted to paint the Habs run as "Halak carried the team," there was a lot of good defensive play that let Jaro see shots, and prevented his rebounds from being tapped in.

When they dealt Halak, it was pretty obvious that it was so they could afford to make a push for Plekanec.

Love it or hate it, we're looking at Gomez/Gionta and Pleks/Cammi for the next 4 years. Personally I'm pretty happy with that (other than Gomez's big contract.)

Now get Markov signed.

iRiRi said...

w00t!! w00t!! Tomas Jagr is in it for the long haul!

Now to get rid of the Tits for a big, cheap, consistent winger. Oh and dump Hamr's salary. And they say I'm too demanding... Pfff.

@moe - One of my fave parodies that you've done! Nice to revisit it!

Don said...

Now lets trade Hamrlik to Chi for Versteeg and Byfuglien.

Saves them about 1.4 million and gives us size, scoring, grit and youth.

moeman said...

Merci RiRi.

lawyergirl77 said...

OMG YOU GUYS - we actually got to keep a UFA! No effin' way!

As I said on Pantscast (or, at least, as I think I said) - you can't find two players under 2.5 million each to do what Pleks does... but that's exactly what you would need to replace him.

I'm also happy with giving DarCHe Vader another shot.

Seriously - good news day. Almost makes me pissed-off-edness at lack of Larry Robinson palatable.


lawyergirl77 said...

@moe - shit, now I have that song stuck in my head. Looks like I'm going to have to play the album on my iPod. Again. (Seriously - one of my faves of all time)

Kate said...

Two second line centers locked up for the next four to five years. If we don't get some nasty big scroing wingers we're fucked.

Kate said...

s/b scoring, whatever.

Unknown said...

Maybe scroing wingers would work better than AK46? Just a thought.

Excellent song, truly superb rewrite, and yes, now I have it in my head too. Must find my old cassette tape (gasp!) and give it a listen.

Happy happy happy about this. Meh about Darche. But I'm still PO'd about Robinson.

mr. gillis said...


moeman said...

Um, where are the DutCH female t-shirt models?

moeman said...

PleQuotes via RDS;

«Je suis extrêmement heureux et je suis content de rester à Montréal», a déclaré Plekanec de sa ville natale de Kladno en République tchèque. «J’avais la chance de rester avec le Canadien surtout après nos succès de la dernière année et je suis certain que nous pourrons mieux faire.»

«Ça sonne comme des clichés, mais c’est la vérité. J’aime la ville et j’aime jouer devant les partisans de Montréal; c’est spécial de jouer ici.»

«On peut spéculer si j’aurais obtenu plus d’argent sur le marché des joueurs autonomes, sauf que ma décision n’est pas basée sur l’argent, mais plutôt sur Montréal et mon parcours de huit ans ici. Bien sûr, l’argent est une partie importante d’un contrat, mais ce n’est pas tout», a tenu à préciser Plekanec.

«Ce contrat fait que je serai associé au Canadien pour au moins six autres saisons et l’un de mes rôles sera de prendre plus de place en tant que leader», admet-il.

Translation by paragraph;

1. Montréal has the best danses-à-dix in the world.

2. Toronto sucks.

3. Toronto sucks.

4. Montréal has the best danses-à-dix in the world.

kevincrumbs said...

So, with the remaining players, here's who I see being here at the beginning of next season:

Phat Whale, Tom Pyatt.

Maybe, depending on how much money they're looking for:

Max, Chicken

Gone: SK, Urologist, Dominic Moore, Metro

I have a feeling that Goat will give Chicken another chance and I would agree with it. Sign him cheaply for a year and see what he can do. I'd love to keep Moore & Metro but I think there needs to be a time in which we give some of the younger guys significant minutes.

Also, I'd love to trade SK to the Leafs for the negotiating rights of Sundin. I don't give a fuck that Sundin's retired, I just want SK gone.

Unknown said...

Heh, I likes the new pic for this post.

I see that Scott Niedermayer is retiring (for realz this time). I wonder who has a steady, minute-eating defenseman to spare for the Ducks...

the Maritimer said...

I agree with Moey...Habs are now officially the PHlyers bitches for the next 5 fucking years.

Richards and Hartnell are laughing their asses off over this signing.

I say 25th or worse next season.

Can I say - Fuck????

the Maritimer said...

And on top of everything, the fucking Bruins get bigger with Nathan Horton and will get (probably) a franchise player this Friday thanks to Burkie.

Sweet Jeebus, will this train wreck never end?

moeman said...

Gio!, Squid, Mex and PleXXXe play bigger than Horton and no they don't have to stand on eaCH others shoulders to do so.

Jaybird said...

Meh, Glad we kept him. How soon we forget with all the comments on TSN that he disappeared in the playoffs.

We wouldn't have been in the playoffs at all without him. Scratch your nuts to that Leafs fans.

He stepped it up with all the injuries, good on the PP and great on the PK. How much did people think we could get him for? Going rate in my opinion. 4.5 mil would have been a steal.

Jaybird said...

So we basically have a lot of money locked up in 5 players. Please //// just ... work ...hard all year.

Unknown said...

@ the Maritimer

Richards and Hartnell are laughing because they just discovered fire.

Number31 said...

HamsterPleky is pleased! New he can buy his own bag of cauliflower.

orangeman said...

I'm ok, with this signing, obviously would have liked to see him stay for less, but it's not over the top. Obviously we need some size up front. But the summer ain't over, my friends.

orangeman said...

I, was a bit comma, happy in that,last post.,


the Maritimer said...

Yes, Orangeman, unless they can steal a power forward from somewhere it's going to be a long season. Lots and lots of perimeter dancing for this squad.