Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let the hype begin

So let's just pretend last night never happened. Except TFS, who was really into it.

The Battle of Pennsylvania. Rangers-Caps: NBC's and Versus' wet dream. Canes-Devils: wake me when it's over.

And Habs-Bruins. It really isn't the Playoffs without that matchup, is it?


Daniel Plainview said...

I'm so sick of this match up, but GO HABS GO!

Unknown said...


(I, too, wouldn't mind facing another team in the playoffs. Guess we'll just have to win this series if we want that.)

KML said...

A big shiny quarter to the first player that runs that whiny bitch Thomas.

Oh, happy easter all.

Daniel Plainview said...

so what does everyone make of the rumour that is running around the innernets about Lemaire possibly coming to Montreal? I'm so sick of losing I'd take that evil genius as coach anyday.
And I would love to see someone take a huge run at Tiny.

moeman said...

Savard as the new owner, I like.

Lemaire as the new coach, meh.

Habs in 7.

Kate said...

The Bruins, death and taxes. It'll be a goonfest but an entertaining one. And let's be honest, wouldn't you love to kick their collective asses in the first round? Or at least BGL kicking Lucic's ass.


Daniel Plainview said...

I love the idea of Savard as owner, I suspect our days of being pushed around would be over, but he wouldn't be a retard about it.
I've always called Lemaire an evil genius, boring as fuck but effective hockey. he also has a brilliant history of meshing young players with veterans. I just want to win, I'm so sick of flashy, mediocre teams.

L Dude said...

Considering the lines Bob threw together last night, I gotta believe he looked at the possible matchups (B's or Caps) and decided the Bruins were a better fit.

Yep, sick of this matchup. But we'll just have to wait to the 2nd round to play the Caps.

It'll be interesting to see how Bob manages the whole goon thing. In one sense, BGL is needed, but also a detriment. And considering the pansy-assed Bruins won't even look at him, is he worth the risk? I think we might see Stewie in for game one, until Bob can gage the Bruins' willingness to engage with guys that can actually fight if needed.



South Shore Habs Fan said...


Savard as owner? Yes.

Lemaire as coach? No. His heyday is over, his style of hockey doesn't work in the new NHL. What has he done with Minny? Nothing, other than waste Marian Gaborik. He's nothing but a better Carbo, and I hated Carbo hockey.

Lever, Hartley, or Roy, in that order.

Other names I'm going to toss out just for fun:
-Steve Shutt, assistant coach from 93-97; man, I'd love to have an offensively-minded coach for once
-Has Mats Naslund ever coached? I know he's the GM for the Swedish team, and that he was "Team Leader" for Sweden in 2006...? What is a team leader, anyway?

L Dude said...

I suggested Mats a while back. I saw him behind the bench on that video of the Swedish shootout goal. He was really enjoying it. Looks like he did 20 years ago.
But I was thinking as an assistant.
To whom, I don't know. Be interesting to get Savard in as owner to see what direction the team might take.

Daniel Plainview said...

while I'd like Roy in the future, I'd rather he learn his lessons in Colorado first. he's going to be a great coach, just not here.
and Lemaire didn't waste Gaborik, injuries did. He also took his team to the semis one year, thats farther then we've gotten in the last 15 years.
and they'll never hire Lever as head coach for the obvious (and stupid) reasons.

Beckenbauer said...

I don't go for all this playoff bullshit. I just want the Habs to be declared Winners for Eternity by some king or Prince Charles or some other fucker who is in charge of things.

Grrrreg said...

Beckenbauer, that really made me laugh... Although I'm not sure Charles is in charge of anything.

Boob Gainey said...

Lemaire? Look at his record since 1995 then get back to me.

Roy? He's a psycho.

Hartley is another screamer. Yells at players, and eventually they just stop playing for him.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ DP

I didn't mean "waste" as in screw up - God knows Gaborik is about as durable as a wet kleenex. What I mean is that his talent is wasted playing in Lemaire's system. If he were playing anywhere else, he'd consistently be in the top 5 for scoring (well, injuries again... whatever).

Lemaire took them to the semis two years before the lockout, back when you could grab and clutch and trap effectively. Since the lockout he's missed the playoffs twice, and lost in the quarterfinals twice. This with arguably the best goalie in the West.

Defense-only hockey doesn't win Cups, imho. Look at the finals since the lockout: Detroit-Pittsburgh, Anaheim-Ottawa, Carolina-Edmonton. Defensively responsible, maybe, but they all had guys that could score. I don't think a grind-it-out plumber brigade could hack it these days.

The biggest problem we've had since '93 is that the team has no identity, and I think teams do better when they play to their strengths - the Flyers and Bruins are better playing rough and driving the net, Detroit has always been better with puck-possession, Toronto is better at golf. We've always been known as the Flying Frenchmen, why not carry that over into the next 100 years? Besides, it makes for more interesting hockey.

Sad but true about Lever. Fuck. We'll never get anywhere as long as the criteria for head coach are Francophone and Competent in that particular order.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ Boob

Doesn't leave very many, does it?

Um. Um.

Does Ted Nolan still coach? Seriously, I can't think of any other coaches.

Number31 said...

Habs, Bruins. Joined at the hip...

Wherever this series goes, it doesn't matter. It's probably going to be a blast. I just hope Markov can come back soon because Komisaurus is giving me heart problems.

Also... I heard Serge Savard's offer wasn't on the table? WTF did he forget?

Olivier said...

My understanding is the reason we all hear about Savard is because he isn't on the list of people/corporations that were contacted, thus not bound by the according NDA. He's most probably making a long-shot move, hoping his public campaing will coax Molson into giving him a chance.

As an ignoramus, I'd say regardless of Al Strachan's dislike of Péladeau as a boss, I'd keep an eye on Quebecor; the amount of revenue they'd be able to coax out of the habs (and bell/illico centre) is just crazy. The question is, do they have the ability to do it now?

We'll see.

Daniel Plainview said...

I don't disagree with you entirely about Lemaire, like I said, I've hated him for years because of that boring fucking system his teams fucking play. But if you look at the list, if you have to indeed follow the dumbshit criteria, I think he would be the best fit. I also think a boring defensive team could be very helpful for Carey Price's development. I don't want Hartley and I don't think Roy is ready. Pat Burns would have been great but he's sick.
Out of the list (minus retard criteria) Ted Nolan would definitely work or maybe Peter Laviolette. What is Scotty Bowman up to?

Beckenbauer said...

This whole coach thing seems to be one giant Gordic-knot type of thing, know what I mean? Greece? Like, wherever you start solving the puzzle there's another place where things are starting to go fuck?

I say we bring in this one French guy to coach, Jean Reno. He speaks French, alright. He would start scaring the shit out of everybody. You don't fuck with this guy. Look him into the eyes, hold that stare - awesome. Now score a goal.

Number31 said...

I nearly barfed when I heard the words "Quebecor" and "buying the Habs" in one sentence. I remember hearing how that company is in a lot of problems... (My friend works at TVA publications). Videotron is a monopoly, but a few of their other holdings are having problems. And how's Péladeau's crack-head-cop-abusing sister doing these days... Wouldn't touch that package with a 10-foot pole thanks.

(Actually Péladeau isn't the CEO anymore, but whatever).

Boob Gainey said...

Jack Todd is such a fucking tool