Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We Now Return You to Our Regularly Scheduled Sucking - Panthers 3, Habs 2 Late Goals that Meant Nothing

Ever type "sucking" in Google image search? Here's a tip - don't do it at work.

Plan the parade - uh... uh...uh... DC HabsFan and I got drunk after being at the game. That was good.

The sky is falling - who remembers Leafs on Saturday night? Man, that seems like a lifetime ago already. This game had all the hallmarks of a classic suck-fest. Standing around, no skating, no offensive punch at all, leaving the goalie to the wolves, bad defensive position, the return of classic Kovy, fans mercilessly booing the team by the 2nd period (and rightfully so).

I think there was a period of about 6 hours in the first where we didn't have a shot on goal. I don't even think we were in their zone for a good 12 minutes of playing time.

Habs are supposed to be a fast skating team, right? Anyone, anyone? HA! Totally bullshit. Florida skated rings around us.

Some may complain about Price's little sojourn that led to the Panthers' second goal. But the fact was, I commended Price when he did it. He was trying to generate offence!!! When your goalie is the one trying to get the offence going, you know the period is not going well.

To top it off, apparently there was some scrum at the end of the game that may lead Koivu to get suspended for a cross-check. I'll be honest, I totally missed it. We got the hell out of dodge as soon as the horn sounded. We couldn't stay in that building anymore.

I could go on about the level of sucking, but as my holiday gift to you I'll stop.

Chez Parée bound? hahahahahaha

Next evil, evil foe - Habs head out on the annual killer Christmas road trip, starting with the Caps tomorrow. I am not optimistic.

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HF29 is not here but if he was he would say... said...

I guess I should mention I did enjoy the Big and Little Tits with Pleks line in the 3rd period.

But nothing else.