Sunday, December 16, 2007

Plan the Parade: Habs Put Red Hot Leafs on Ice

The Leafs Bandwagon Runs into Montreal

Finally, the Habs put together three good periods against a streaking Leaf team and produce a no-doubt-about-it, didn't need the goalie to steal it win against a team that had given up two goals or less in 8 straight games. Praise the Lord and pass the snow shovel (seriously, have you looked outside?)

Plan the Parade: Everything, and I mean everything that could go right went right tonight. The Koivu-Higgins-Little Tits line terrorized the Leafs all night, and Koivu got two richly deserved goals to break his slump (special mention to Hal Gill ... even the bounces went Montreal's way). Kovy, Pleks and Big Tits played another solid game, making it harder and harder for Carbo to break them up. The penalty kill was excellent. Ryan O'Byrne and Josh Gorges pushed Breezer another game closer to retirement. Carbo put together four lines that did the job and let them finish it.
Little Tits looked very comfortable and may have solved the dilemma of who plays with Saku and Higgins. Carey Price stole another piece of MLSE's soul. The Habs played a blinder last night, gobbling up rebounds, snapping at Leaf heels on the forecheck and backcheck, finishing checks, and spending long shifts spinning Leaf defenders into the ice. This is the team everyone hoped we'd be watching all year.

Random thoughts that entered HF10's head because he wasn't fretting over the close score or cursing a blue streak:
Mad Max between El Dandy and the Swiss Mister won't ever be confused with the Punch Line, but they certainly are effective... If you don't enjoy watching Panger's Boy Chips play, you don't like hockey. I've seen him make one mistake all year. Seriously. One. He might be the smartest player in the league... Someone needs to ice Smolinski's front steps so he never comes back... TFS(TM) looks bored out there. Huet may be a $3.5 million back-up by New Year's... Komisarek/Markov Hamrlik/O'Byrne looks like a pretty damn good top four, and Little Frankie B and Gorges are just fine as the third pair, thank you... Al Strachan is depriving some village of an idiot.

The Sky is Falling: On a night when every bounce went Montreal's way, Michael Ryder still couldn't pot one. C'mon, hockey gods. Give the dude a break. Leafs badly outshot the Habs for the first two periods. As good as TFS (TM) can be, we'd like to not kill him before he can drink legally in the States. Strachan makes up crap about Carbo and Gainey not wanting Saku around. Hey, Al: piss off. There are enough fools in the Montreal press starting stupid rumours so save your hatchet for the Leafs. Price lost a shutout after big mouth Greg Millen said shutout on air. Man, just because you never had a shutout in your "illustrious" career doesn't mean you break the announcer's code. Someone started the "Hey hey, goodbye" chant with over eight minutes left. They should have their Canadiens fan privileges revoked for that kind of hubris.

Someone got tickets from the boss and will never, ever get them again:
There was a very fat man in a #41 Habs jersey right at ice level who stood up every time the puck was in his end. I feel I need to offer some Dr Phil-esque tough love here. My friend:

1. You're too fat to wear that jersey and I could see that from 550 km away in Toronto.

2. You're jumping up like a schoolgirl every time the puck is within 40 feet of you and you're IN THE
FRONT ROW. Try and act like you've been there before.

3. Your jersey has #41 on it. Either you really, really loved Jocelyn Thibault (so wrong) or that sucker has your name above the 41 (so very, very wrong). I can't even begin to calculate the number of violations of the "grown man at a sporting event rules" you're breaking. I'm guessing you used to bring your glove to Expos games.

Chez Paree Bound? Everybody in, drinks on the house, lap dances till close, and take a girl home with you when you go! Best game the Habs have played in months, and it came against the Leafs. Hoo-rah. On a more serious note, save a chair in perverts row for Bryan McCabe; I don't like any Leaf, but breaking your wrist in three places sucks and he'll need cheering up. Speedy recovery so there's no excuses in Toronto come springtime.

Next Evil, Evil Foe: The 35 cm of snow in your driveway. Florida comes a calling on Tuesday.


HabsFan29 said...

Al Strachan is depriving some village of an idiot.

hehe. nice phrase, sir

we were SO pissed at Greg "jinx" Millen in the comments last night (even if i referred to him as Glen Healy twice. note to self- lay off the icky) Fucker. And he's as ex-goalie!! he should know better. grrr

Baroque said...

Congrats on the big win - and good luck digging out. I'm facing about 15 cm of snow myself.

(And if you need a Christmas gift for a Leafs fan - this t-shirt is even in the right colors!)

panger76 said...

I watched the (partly pvr'd versoin of the) game last night, and I'm still not convinced teh t we can anont Rhino as a No. 4 D-man yet, not when he still doesn't play the last minutes of a periods. Case in pont, and the end of the 2nd when Cube was playing with Hamr. And I don't tho nk Swiss Mster is the answer either. (We're not even discussing Breezer. Oops.)
Little Tits look sllike he's herer to sdyat. BTW I prpose we swith to calling them "Vieux Tits" And "Jeaune Tits", similar to RDS. (Well, excpet the Tits part).
All in favour?

HabsFan29 said...

All opposed? (lifts hand)

Big and l\Little Tits sound so much better

bob said...

A win at home, against the Leafs on a Saturday night, it’s like Xmas coming early.

On top of it, I had brought a brown paper bag, just in case we would tie the 7 loss in a row on home ice record and have the Leafs jump in front of us in the standing. Turns out I sold it $10 to a guy wearing a Leafs jersey, thank you Santa.