Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bi-Polar Reflections on a Habs Win: Montreal 3 Detroit 1. No, Actually: Habs 3 Wings 1

Who knew the path to enlightenment ran on a steel rail?

HFF 33 and Panger discuss the impact of last night's game on the rest of the Canadiens season:

HFF33: Habs Win! Habs Win! And I think everyone will agree that beating the Stanley Cup Champs in Detroit means Montreal is the clear favorite here on in. It's a sign of their return to dominance.

Panger: Are you mental? I don't think anyone agrees with that. They are still inconsistent at best, Cup contenders they are not. Not yet anyway. Carey Price saved their ass last night, he was awesome.

HFF33: He's still not as good at St. Patrick!

Panger: Yes, yes, I know. Let's move on. Look, on the first goal, Mad Max was standing behind the net when he shot that puck -

HFF33: And in off Nik Lidstrom, the best D in the league. See, it can happen to anyone! That's Karma's payback for the Rhino brain fart and -

Panger: Yeah yeah, fine. Maybe. Is that why you chose that picture? Karma? Anyway, the point is they rode the ensuing momentum to add a couple more goals, and then fell back and did nothing while Price held the fort. It's only a sign they got lucky.

And don't interrupt me again, pric.

HFF33: Sorry. But don't you need karma, or luck, or a certain I don't know what, to win a Cup? Maybe Rhino's own-goal will be remember as the turning point of this Stanley Cup winning season - the Habs filled up their karmic bank account by offering to score for their opponents, and now the universe will reward them in spades. We're on track for the Cup now, baby!

Panger: I'm admit that winning a Cup win usually involves good karma, but it's not as important as effort and talent. And the Habs have been utterly inconsistent in both departments thus far this season -last night's game is just more proof. Giving away a game at home against the Islanders, then beating the Wings in Detroit two days later? I-N-C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T. And that might as well spell "loser" - inconsistent teams don't win Cups. That's why I choose the picture: it symbolises the up and down season thus far. And while they look happy, in fact they're heading downhill -another symbol to represent the fact that all a Detroit win is going to do is increase already unrealistic Cup expectations.

HFF33: Wait, I though I choose the picture? Whatever. OK, they have been inconsistent, but that's all in the past: Higgins potted his first in a week, Pleks scored his first goal in 9 games and it was the game winner - isn't that also a sign? The consistency is coming, I can feel it.

Panger: That's probably the meth. And how many did Kovalev have? AK27 is the offensive engine that drives this team, not Pleks. And he sucks donkey balls right now. Big Tits? Little Tits? Did you notice them at all? Plus Tangy's probably going to join DOOM on the sidelines for a month. Did you see that hit? My teeth hurt just watching it.

HFF33: No way man, Alex is going to be fine! Carey is going to win as many games as we'll need, and Kovy is going to score a hat trick next game. you'll see. The Cup is as good as ours.

Panger: You're an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Last nights game is a reflection of what this team needs to win. 60 mins of hard work, sacrifice the body to get the puck, fight along the boards and solid play from TFS. I hope this was their wake up call? Back to back games vs Washington and Buffalo will quickly tell us if it was a one -hit wonder or a newly inspired team? Please, bench "O-burned again" during the 3rd

Anonymous said...

Habs got lucky. a Few Lucky bounces and a solid Price. The whole "Let's sit back on this lead for the third period" brought back memoried of CH circa 98-99.
Remember Frederic Chabot? He played a good game in Detroit once...

Lee_D said...

This was the BEST post I've read here in a while.


copyranter said...

Last night, we ate at a Hare Krishna-run vegetarian I'm with HFF33, the O'Burn own-goal was definitely the turning point of the season...start engraving the Cup NOW.

Anonymous said...

I love the addition to the Habs Record box in the corner. Fucking shootouts.

Number31 said...

Actually, they should bounce more pucks off defensemen. Only way they can get it in there. Pleky did a nice one like that in preseason up in Roberval. And he actually aimed it to bounce off the defenseman. Pure math.

I'm all for karma. And korma chicken. Mmm...

Anonymous said...

TSN: "Wings were tired".

Fuck off.

It's just one game, but it's encouraging. O'Bum needs to shape up. Price has finally won me over. Some might say Habs got lucky with a few bounces, but Conklin made some sick saves, too. It's not like those bounces were their only opportunities.

I promised myself I would love the Habs no matter what the outcome of the game. Maybe that's all they need, unconditional love.

Yeah right. Like that's gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Actually HFF33 aka Panger, i have to disagree, i don't think and never thought, that Kovy was the offensive driving-force of the team. I think people are largely ignoring just how important Plekanec is to the team. He has probably been a more important component to the team than any other offenseman during the last 3 seasons. Everytime Plekanec enters a slump, Kovy has a hard time. Because he stops relying on Plek to do anything and tries to do all by himself, which of course doesn't work out. But if you see those games where Kovy trusts Plekanec, they usually have a stellar night.

What i'm saying is, i think Kovy needs Plek alot more than Plek needs Kovy. Think about that.