Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, the motherf*cking humanity.

The Battle of Cannae. Flodden Field. The Munich Air Disaster. Music From the Elder. Ishtar. Lynne Spears, parent. Last night.

Panger said it best: "There was a game last night? Someone should have told the Canadiens"

Bad start. Bad middle. Bad ending. Was this the true nature of this Canadiens team? It's not an aberration if it happened on Saturday too. That's a dozen goals shipped against our two most hated of foes in less than a week. A comprehensive victory against a team that just lost to the Islanders does not make it palatable. This is a team that has some serious issues right now, and the one saving grace for them is that they have banked points they will desperately need later in the year. The East looks tougher than it was expected to be. Maybe they right the ship and finish as "the class of the East", as so many trumpeted them to be. But the Rangers show no signs of slowing down, Buffalo is back on form, the Leafs and Bruins are clearly not automatic points in the bank, and teams like Pittsburgh, Philly, and Jersey are awfully talented. If the Habs thought they were waltzing to another first-place finish those thoughts had better be gone now.

The Sky? She's fallen: Price was burned repeatedly, with requisite hand wringing from Montreal fans and "overrated" talk from opposing fans. The Canadiens have gone all in with a pair of very young goalies and there will be more nights like this. Be ready. I think Price will still be very, very good. But he's not starting for the 2010 Olympic team yet.

Milan Lucic/Cam Neely comparisons are starting to worry me. I don't see him play that often, soI have no idea what he's like against Florida or St. Louis, but he cranks it up against the Habs. He won that fight with DOOM fair and square and is clearly in Komisarek's head. He's going to be a major pain for the Habs for a long, long time. Please let him price himself out of Jeremy Jacob's range quickly. (Is there a silver lining to DOOM losing a fight, possibly breaking his hand, and being out for weeks? Perhaps the twits who continue to claim he never fights/backs up his talk will shut up. DOOM fights as often as is necessary for a guy who is usually busy shutting down opposing top lines ... the claims that he hides behind the ref are garbage. He usually has better things to do than tussle with some idiot like Ryan Hollweg.)

The defence still needs strengthening, more so if DOOM is out for any length of time. The need for a top-four defender becomes more apparent every time Price gets hung out to dry for a half-dozen goals.

Less stupid penalties would help too.

A little more toughness when the going gets rough couldn't hurt either. Guys like Plekanec, Tanguay, and Big Tits are never going to thrive in last night's game, and the toughness of Koviu, Higgins and Little Tits is all fine and dandy but they aren't exactly monsters. If you aren't aware of the value of Greek Lightning in games against teams like Boston and Philly, you're blind. By the way, if someone could poke Big Georges with a stick and wake him the fuck up, that would be nice.

Plan the Parade: In the words of HF29: Ha ha, I kill me. There better be a goddamn parade of Canadiens puking over the boards because Carbo skates them into the ground this morning.

Well, it was a fun 12 games: 12 straight over the Bruins was fun. But it was bound to end sooner or later, and the odds were it was going to end badly, in front of a baying crowd of Fleet Centre/TD Banknorth crazies. Maybe it takes a few of our more zealous fans down a notch so we can start looking to win on merit rather than on paper. The last two losses better serve as a serious wake-up call; we all know the earlier great escapes didn't.

Next evil foe: Oh, super. The Flyers. What is it, goons and idiots week at NHL headquarters?


HF29 is not here but if he was he would say... said...

we need more KISS references on FHF. well done, 10

i really hope we don't need every second game aas a wake up call

Lostinleafland said...

Have the players grown tired of Carbo already?
Price is starting to look like Chris Osgood a few years ago. Best in the league one night then horse shit the next?
Kovy is waiting for March to get serious about regular season games and having Doom go down for a few weeks is not good at all. Consistency would be nice. fuck.

Araev16 said...

As someone who hasn't missed a game Lucic has played in, I can tell you he brings it everynight. While Neely comparisons are premature, this kid is the real thing. He creates a ton of room for Savard, creates a fear of touching the puck, and as Craig Rivet stated after last Saturday's game, He makes Boston a very, very hard team to play against.

Bank on him being around for a long time. Lucic is your new nightmare.

Next Saturday will be interesting. We will see soon if this was a fluke.

By the way, where the fuck was Laraque last night?? He should have at least tried to put Looch in his place.

Lostinleafland said...

I'm not sure you'll see Looch vs Laraque fight?
Unless Looch starts it I doubt Laraque will go after anyone who isn't the team's 'goon.' There is some level of honour in the league (even after the Leaf game!!)

Looch is a skilled player who happens to be a ramming rod to boot!! Wish we had him. fuck.

The Bastahd said...

Don't see Lucic taking on Laraque... what's the point after all? Why waste a top six forward on an enforcer? Not a good trade-off by any means.

Gotta say, did NOT expect to see a reference to the Battle of Cannae... nicely done from the Bruins fan.

J.T. said...

@the bastard:
See, that's the problem. I don't want Laraque to seek Lucic's permission. I want him to tap the guy on the shoulder and pummel him without mercy. But alas, that's not going to happen.

L Dude said...

Know what sucks?
Having a boss who is a Bruins fan and just 'happened' to be in Beantown on 'business' for the week. And of course, he has his blackberry...who the hell do you complain to when your own boss is spamming you with "Bruins pummel Habs" headlines!

Ah well, I had a good run at dishing it out - it had been actually getting boring. Now it is back on!

Hopefully some of the Habs will grow a pair next time they play.
TK will be back. Put Begin in the lineup. It'll be a different game.

Anonymous said...

Komisarek confirmed injured; he's out for Saturday's game against the Flyers. "Further testing required" to determine the extent of his injuries, apparently his shoulder might be messed up along with his hand.

Fan-fucking-tastic. Hope Halak's ready for a rough & tumble ride tomorrow (not the fun kind).

HF29 is not here but if he was he would say... said...

relax everyone, I'm sure Breezer will step in and solidify the D in DOOM's absence

/shoots self in face

fezworth said...


mr. gillis said...

@ araev16

Laraque did go after Lucic in the second period i think. Lucic just kept ignoring him..

moeman said...

Next Lucic tilt will be against Frankie 'Stan Jonathan' Cube de Bouillion.

Number31 said...

Oh the huge manatee!

Actually I'll start worrying when Koivu starts shattering glass with his stick like Alfie did. Eeks... :S

Anonymous said...

If we shit the bed tonight, then Carbo needs to shake it up. Sit the Tits brothers, maybe give Chips another shot and a well deserved break from Hamilton? Please Kovy,wake up you talented-but-lazy prick.