Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mr. HF29 Goes to Washington - Caps 3, Habs a big fat nothing thanks for coming 29

The first blurry image of HF29 hits the intertubes

Mmmm, that's not Molson Ex

Not pictured - scoreboard showing "Habs Suck"

Well that was fun. Ha. In lieu of an actual review of that mess, we'll just make one long rambling list of Pithy Observations of Questionable Importance (TM SLC):
  • Pretty good atmosphere in that place, I must admit. I was impressed with the Caps fans generally;
  • Pretty good building too, way better than our Phone Booth;
  • There was a "stats scoreboard" which rotated a bunch of stats like faceoffs won, hits, time on ice. Thought that was cool;
  • Why the fuck were both Bégin and El Dandy on a PP in the 3rd?
  • In general, what the fuck was up with those lines? I know Tangy was out and god help me I love me some Greek, but Kosto is not a first line player;
  • Proof there is no such thing as karma - during a TV timeout, the hostess played a game called "What year is it?" with some fans. One of the 3 clues? "KISS records Rock and Roll All Nite";
  • It was very easy to start the Olé chant in the hallways before the game. After the game? Not so much;
  • When the Caps score, the scoreboard shows Will Ferrell clips - I caught the cheerleader from SNL and the moment after Frank the Tank does the beer bong;
  • Also on the scoreboard during timeouts? YouTube videos of people getting injured à la With Leather;
  • More scoreboard - they showed replays of stuff that just happened while the play was still going on (sponsored by Verizon!). Are you supposed to watch the replay or the live game?
  • I think we had no shots through the first 12 minutes. Seriously, are we playing the trap now? Kill me;
  • Ovie is a great hockey player;
  • Kovy, right now, is not;
  • I enjoy Yuengling beer;
  • I also enjoy the Red Rockers;
  • Habs played a great 2nd period but it didn't pay off;
  • While Theo got a shutout, he was totally shaky all night. Too fucking bad we don't seem to have the skills anymore to take advantage.
  • I'm all out of bullet points.
Huge thanks to FHF official graphic designer / photographer and my DC host Wendell Semaines for the photos; thank god he had a camera because mine died five minutes after we left the house.


Anonymous said...

That sweater conjures up this image

Habsfan10 said...

Dammit 29! Now your blasphemous attire is causing Star Trek references!

wrap around curl said...

Oh honey, a half half jersey? Really?

Anonymous said...

Weird. I figured the first blurry pictures of 29 would involve the police and nudity.

fezworth said...

29, I think it's time to burn that jersey. That, or make a new one.

Anonymous said...

Funny. HF29 looks too cute to be a lawyer. I always associate them with lampreys for some reason. :)

(Indecisive jersey notwithstanding, of course.)

Shawn C. said...

Glad you enjoyed the Yeungling! It was a staple of my college days. In fact you could pay $20 to get 24 refillable bottles. The cost to refill the bottles was $10. $10 for a case of decent beer, that's what I call an entertainment value.

I introduced a bunch of my friends here to this beer on an excursion to the states and it is the only beer they drink whenever they go down there!

Dave said...

No other way to post the first picture of yourself, 29, than with you wearing that jersey. I love that thing.

That jersey should have been treated to a better game. Was Barack at the game?

Habsfan10 said...

Jesus, 4, you love that jersey too? I need to seriously rethink who I get into a blogging relationship with.

Anonymous said...


Didn't this guy just turn 40? You offsetting your meth usage by bathing in unicorn blood or something, 29?

But that jersey needs to be buried and never spoken of again.