Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Weekend Open Thread of Love Needs to Bathe

Good morning, y'all! It's October, there's a nip in the air and real hockey is around the corner. Before we get to real hockey, there's one more round of fake hockey for the Habs to lose, tonight at 7 from Quebec City against the Bolts, on RDS. Over/under on mentions of the Nordiques and / or NHL's return to La Capitale? 3000. And please, FFS Habs, give us something to be happy about to prep for the season.

Plenty of hockey stuff to point you to today, let's see, uh, hmm. More Shanny discipline. Gallagher back to Junior. Pretty ugly leg-breaking on an icing last night. TSN 30 in 30 thingamabob gets to the Laffs, and the comments turn into Leafs fans bashing The Mexican't. Finally, while we're kind of disappointed as to how Simmons' ESPN Grantland has turned out (a little too pretentious, and even Klosterman seems lost over there), when our numbersake writes a piece about hockey head shots for them we've got to recommend it for some weekend reading.

Elsewhere, Als held on over the Bombers in a wild finish. The MLB baseball playoffs have started, if anyone cares. I so don't care or know what's going on in baseball when I saw Milwaukee was in the playoffs I fainted. The All Blacks have lost two key players prior to Canada's final World Cup rugby match tonight against them, not that Canada has a chance anyway. TWOTOL ain't just about sports of course. Have you got any movie recommendations? New fall TV shows? Books? I am currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, which is excellent, though it's disturbing enough I may never eat again. Though after three days of Rosh Hashanah eating, I may never have to eat again anyway.

Thread up everyone. Have a great weekend.


Kate said...

Breaking news, Hal Gill is on Twitter. @Skillsy75

moeman said...

Glad 29's "there's a nip in the air" didn't link to the not so graceful DWTS slip.

Great day if you're feeling kinda bleu. Hopefully the boys wearing the BBR can put a cap in the pre-season's ass.

Go see Drive.

Some light-headed reading.

Reading; 'Blood's a Rover' by James Ellroy.



Watching, Pants!.


Number31 said...

Many fans at the "game" tonight in Quebec City will be upset to know the Lightning are not the team they're looking forward to but will cheer for them anyway because they're mostly a bunch of Nords-sucking Habs-haters.

Here's newly-minted captain Tinordi pounding some sucker's face. (Note, needs better timing when throwing the big hit, since the team was able to get a shot on net anyway. Or just needs a better defensive partner).

Hadulf said...

re: baseball payoffs. Exactly. Who gives a shit?

I'm behind on my reading, so I got a book titled 1984. I'm not that far in but it seems, uh, disturbing a bit...put fear into my heart!

Today, I have a princess party, then there's the game, then I play some hockey at 2300 hours. No time for feeling bleu today, I'll save that for tomorrow when we visit the in-laws!

Later, duuuuuudes...(that includes duuuuuudettes!)


Number31 said...

Shock! ShanaBan actually suspended a Maple Leaf for a late elbow to the head (which the ref called "high sticking").

Steve said...

You have to be a face book founder to log into this blog lately.

I nail the reading impulse here, and also recommend a trilogy that is far more interesting then what you put in your mouth. In summary it is much more satisfying to read about 21st century folk killing 20th century Nazi'x than to learn about how we are eating the planet to death. Also fabulous a reading list I critic with unparalleled accuracy. Reading non fiction for pleasure is erectile a dysfunctional mind fuck few will recover from.

NASCAR Buttman last stand is no touch icing. There is no other reason it exits except to produce the drama of 150KG bodies going 30KPH trying to defy physics.

Steve said...

@ Moeman serious solution

Number31 said...

The new PP is actually pretty good. And the one goal that actually went in was after Gionta broke the net.

I think Vince and Malone need to remember hitting is still allowed in the NHL. Boohoohoooo.

Number31 said...

Bottle this Gomez. Looks to be a good vintage.

juce said...

yep, looking good!

juce said...

love the way Gill protects his protege, like a mother hen.

moeman said...

Missing the game. At a friend's Bday party and they have the sickening cbc/hnic hacks on the big screen. I predict the cbc/hnic will simultaneously suck and swallow leaf jizz harder this year than ever before. They are picking corn out of pre-season leaf shit and trying to make gold. Sick fucks.

juce said...

@moeman hnic has gold rush fever.

juce said...

there's gold in them there logs.

juce said...

aw, just fool's gold, all they could mine was nuts, maybe some beans.

moeman said...

Dou$harek really, truly, fucking sucks. He may yet be Redden'd.

Number31 said...

Hey dickhead. You're SHANABANNED.

moeman said...

The leaf has 67 coaches. Stupidest team in professional sports.

juce said...

Bet Shanahan's gonna suspend Manlone for shouldering Campoli in the head.

Number31 said...

ShanaBan is gonna get mighty tired of this. Eventually his videos will be "Hey stupid. Come here. No closer." *PUNCH*

A lot more convincing with a pretty close to opening night roster. RDS cut off the triple-low five :(

the Maritimer said...

Malone's gone for at least 5. When are these arseholes going to learn you can't target the head.

@moe, went to the local CBC radio station open house 75th anniversary today. Told one of the morning show hosts that it was a shame I couldn't watch the Montreal/Boston series last spring because of Bob Cold and all the bruin hacks doing commentary. He agreed with me. And he was a leaf fan. Too bad the HNIT heirarchy couldn't figure that out. Dumb fuckers.

Keep sucking leaf ass hnic.

the Maritimer said...

Fuck you Stock, you asshole.

Mr. natural said...

Though my reading is not the from NY Times latest best sellers list, last two that I really enjoyed:

> Ishmael (Controversial?)
> No Country for Old Men (Deeper than the film)

> Mr. Nobody (Ethereal)

Malone will be suspended, glimmer of hope that ShanaBan might be the real deal, would be great for the game and fantastic for a team like the Habs.

Oh yeah, who was that team? looked pretty PHucken' good!

Mr. Price was more than solid, what a fantastic positional goaltender, sometimes he looks so $%@^^%@ good.

Was at the Manoir in Pte-Claire, haven't been there in close to 20 years, man the food was terrible.

PHour PHucken' Daze, in the immortal words of Austin Powers "Yeah Baby"!

Kate said...

Mr. N,

The food was terrible? Haven't been in a couple of years but it was always a good source of comfort food at a reasonable price. That sucks as much as the leafs.

subdoxastix said...

@ HF29

After Pollan, try Jonathon Safran Foer, "Eating Animals".

It's excellent*

*If by excellent one means superbly researched, liberally leavened with personal anecdotes, and completely heartbreaking.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

we won? we played well? what's wrong with this team?

@subd - thx for the recommend. though after this one and Fast Food Nation, maybe I'm done with this genre if I ever want to eat again

Mr. natural said...

@moey, those that ordered Lasagna did OK, the roast Beast, pizza & Filet Mignon brochettes left something to be desired.

Gotta get into the groove...:

- Did Phucktards Die!

- A curse on all Bostonian sports!

- Ha ha ha The Leafs!!!

If PF Stock was never mentioned
here again it would be too soon.

Gotta get back to my beefing up the insulation project.

That is all.

Number31 said...

TSN injuries list page still has Patches "doubtful" for Thursday's game. Reason? Broken vertebrae...

Also lists a few suspended players with "undisclosed" injuries.

moeman said...

Not too make too light of the real issue but most of tsn's lame crew have taken lots of shots to the head and only see things in blue and white. Also, too, darren dredger is one ugly fuck.