Friday, July 29, 2011

Sexy Morning Sherwood™ ~ Viva Italia!

Bella, Bella, Bella!
None shaped like a boot?
For the FHFemmes (and Steve).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We miss hockey (but not beer and babes)

Oh hello! 29 here with some late(r) night checking in to see if you're all alive out there. As it is evening, I will be as verbose as I am brief in the morning to make a single point. I was just loitering around chez 29 when N31 commented a link which is awesome and that I actually had seen a while ago. So lap dance to you 31 for reminding me of this young PFK pic they have over there which I had been meaning to post. And allegedly the kid to his right is Steven Stamkos. But what do I know, all them white folk look alike to me.


That is all.

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Sorry, didn't keep my promise to update. Blame the beer.  ~ moeman

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tweet this bitCHes for 07/25

Als lose. Hey, we've got to report on something between now and September. #thxmoeforthemorningsherwoodlastweekdontworrykidsitwillbeback

Friday, July 22, 2011

Final piece of Stanley Cup Puzzle in place

Lap dance to random anonymous in the last very sexywoody post who alerted us to the fact that the Twitters are abuzz that Josh Gorges has signed a 1 year, $2.5 million deal. TSN has confirmed its own reporter's tweet, so I'm sure it's true. That leaves zero players unsigned, and thus a full roster (give or take a few knees) set to go. PLAN THE FUCKING PARADE BITCHES.

Sexy Morning Sherwood™ ~ R U Ready 4 some news ?

Happy TFS you hot & sticky FHFers.
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R U Ready for some rodeo? ~ TFS™ is.

R U Ready for some football? ~ NFL™ is. (CHeerleaders!)

R U Ready for some Aliens? ~ These cowboys are.

R U Ready for some grillin'? ~ Great new foodie & drinkie site.

R U Ready for more sexy Friday? ~ I knew you were. More, um better, NsFwL here.

R U Ready for some Éric Colé? ~ I know the pic above isn't related. Sue me, cowgirl style. Bonus, I found a pic of 29 riding a horse ... OK, so he had to blow it (up) first. NTTIAWWT.

R U Ready for the (as)sign-off pic? ~ I knew you were. Have a great weekend FHFers. Stay hot. Stay sticky. Stay sexy. Yeehaw!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning Sherwood™ ~ Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! news

Hot enough for ya?
Turn the AC(DC) up, take your pants! off and surf the news.
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~ ~ ~
Crack, Boom, Bang ~ Stevie Y. signs Stevie S., who says lightning doesn't strike, in Toronto. Suck it leaf fans.
~ ~ ~
Flash! ~ 9.5M iPads sold last quarter still don't run it. Apple numbers roar.
~ ~ ~
Light up the sky ~ Deck painted, check. Gutters cleared, check. 29 seen hanging colourful lanterns on the patio. Will he be the first to dance?
~ ~ ~
Pasta salads are good for you. This one is tasty.
~ ~ ~
Esther reports that our boy CHip is a Yote. Kyle, they say its a dry heat.

~ ~ ~
You'd think it was colder there but lots of hot things in Russia.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Morning Sherwood™ ~ Stuff that'll get a rise out of you

Good morning FHFers. How's the summer goin' for ya?
Our trusted (except when it comes to fine print ice cream offers)
FHFriend 29 is off somewhere painting a deck.
Lucky for us he isn't a CHeap Trick roadie.
2015's version will be played in 6 Canadian cities.
Hope I'm still Solo by then.
The Stanley Cup wanted nothing of ugly Fuckface Horton.
Wonder if his wife is related to Jacques Plante?
Speaking of tomatoes, made these, on the BBQ.
~ ~ ~
29, have the beer after painting
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Colé, olé, olé (find a better nickname bitCHes).

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The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, July 15th

Your Kate Upton quota for the week has some bonus babes. via

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Victoria's Secret models in spandex...
  • "Le but des Canadiens marqué par le numéro soixante-douze... Canadiens' goal scored by number 72... Eric Cole";
  • Speaking of numbers, Double D has changed his;
  • Goodbye Pierre McSplooge, hello Pierre The (Hash) Brownie;
  • Since there's really no actual hockey to speak of, here's one of the best Deadspin posts in a long long time; gonzo journalism about LSD and baseball. Look for the FHF post next week where we take a lot of meth to try and recreate, uh, the night we took a lot of meth;
  • Or a True Blood recap written by some schumck.
More Victoria's Secret models + swimsuits = 'nuff said. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Sexy Friday is HOT (you know, 'cause it's July)

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of babes covered in chocolate...
  • We have a trade! The Goat lands Michael Blunden who, uh, well we have no idea who he is. But he's 6'4", so we'll take him. The BJs get Ryan Russell, giving them identical twins;
  • Habs also sign Brian Willsie. Who are these people? He finished 11th in the AHL last year in scoring, that's good! He's 33 years old and in the AHL, that's bad;
  • The media finally realized 3 days later that PFK was in Haiti. Just another example of keeping the black man down;
  • Welcome to the fishbowl Nathan Beaulieu (what did we decide was his nickname?);
  • The Preds signed four of their RFAs ahead of the NHLPA grievance, but Little Tits was not one of them;
  • Not hockey-related, but we find these allegations of the Als inflating attendance figures fascinating;
  • Also not hockey-related, but RIP Dick Williams. We remember those 1979-81 Expos seasons like it was yesterday;
  • Here's a gallery of all the sexiest Bar Rafaeli pics you'll find on the interwebs. Should keep you busy for awhile 2 minutes. (lap dance to FHF NYC friend The Stud for the link).
Here's the latest Kate Upton SoBe commercial (what is SoBe anyway?). We think the humour takes away from the sexiness a bit, but after those Bar pics you're probably finished so no biggie. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day to our American Overlords

I'd like to remind you that as a trusted blogger, I can be helpful in rounding up commentors to toil in your underground sugar caves. Enjoy your holiday, you imperialist dogs!

A couple of trades went down yesterday. The big one was Heatley for Havlat. And Burke got some concussions out of Nashville for some spare parts. We are into the serious dog days now people.

Friday, July 01, 2011

We have signings!


After losing the Jagr and Talbot sweepstakes to the PHucktards (I thought that was illegal in Pennsylvania), Habs have replaced Alex Auld with Peter Budaj. Stupid sexy Flanders.

~ ~ ~

"Does Eric Cole have anything left in the tank? At least it'd keep him from scoring against the Habs." ~ HF33 Let's hope there's gas and its high-octane. Needs a nickname, 'Tank', 'Pump', ...?

~ ~ ~

Habs UFA Preview and Transformer 3 Review

Even this wasn't enough to save it.

There is a striking similarity between the two subjects of today's post.

Let us take a stroll through the garden of UFA's, conveniently for me listed by what may well be their future former teams. That stroll may give you a clue as to what the similarity is. Let's see if you can guess.

(Of course, if you're saying to yourself the caption already gave it away. Well.. okay, yeah, I can see that. That movie suuuuucked. And I got sucked in by the hype, agaaaain.)

Anahiem: CHips! Yeah, no. Have a nice AHL career. Only a tad more seriously, how about Ray Emery as backup? Not gonna happen, but if he did I'd put the over/under at 2.5 for the number of wins he gets before he punches out a cop on St Laurent. And maybe "accidentally" gets shot by Montreal's esteemed Constabulary.

Boo: I don't want anything from their dirty smelly team, no matter what they won last year. Live in the now, it's all about next season. (through muffled tears)

Buffalo: Tim Connelly if it means Gomez is gone. Otherwise, no one.

Calgary: Blehch. And Stampede is overrated.

Carolina: Does Eric Cole have anything left in the tank? At least it'd keep him from scoring against the Habs.

Chicago: Robert Klinkhammer. I'm drooling over the photoshop possibilities.... The only guy seriously worth considering was traded and signed in a warmer place.

Colorado: Geez there's a reason they finished second last. I suppose Peter Budaj as backup? If he promised to pick up all the pucks after practice and not look Mr. Price directly in the eye at any time.

Columbus: Freakin' Wiz, that's who they shoudda signed. And Goat, you're telling me you could only get a conditional 5th? Wiz is gonna get less than $4 per and Erhoff gets traded twice for forths? I know my math is no good but that doesn't make sense to me. Getting Garon as a backup would be a good fit. He can win in streaks if TFS gets hurt, his hope of being a starter have been crushed and he was never a distraction as a backup in his first incarnation when he did have dreams.

Dallas: **Crosses fingers for miracle that come October Gomez is in ugly orange and Richards in bleu-blanc-rouge at a premiere franchise discount** Yeah, again not probably gonna happen.

Detroit: They're probably gonna sign the Wiz and it makes me sad. But happy for Wiz. Good luck, you crazy kid and your tweeter thingy with the saying stuff. I think Eaves has wheels so maybe he's be okay for depth.

Edmonton: Jeff Drouin-Deslaurier: Yes, it will cost Brother Geoff a fortune in lettering, but with French-Canadien depth in Garon shutting the bench door in the bigs and DoubleD down in H-town: three birds - one stone.

Florida: Bergfors seems the most attractive option and he looks smallish, and can't seem to score or defend very well. He's probably going back to Sweden. Bernier = Pouliot.

L.A: Handzus as a slightly bulkier and younger left shooting Jeff Halpern? No? Maybe Alexi know there's a k in there.. anyway him for the third line so he can have a Post-Soviet always disappointing lazy ass to replace the French Canadien one we appear to have just let go? Mmm...perhaps I've already given away my position on the proposition.

Minnesota: Gio aside, Andrew Brunette's ass had more goals than most Habs wingers. So okay, except he's super slow. Other than that...



Okay fine, bring him back as a backup. As long as Mr. Paris Hilton behaves, and I suspect he would, now. (So last Hilton joke if you come back, I promise.)

Nashville: They just cut a Dumont! Hey, he's big! Plus, he scored! But, than was then. Now, he's slow. And, he's done. Please don't be seduced by the dark side, Goat.

New Jersey: The Moose! He'll probably be too expensive but I'd love to see Hedberg in MTL, just for the legend and the headgear.

New York (real): Formerly overpaid ageing superspuds anyone? Well then, you have your pick of the litter: The Drury, McCabe and Prospal models will  all available for perusing. Please leave it at that. Prospal may seem intriguing for his size, 20-25 goal  potential and playing alongside fellow Czech Pleks. But he's old and slow and no Jagr.

New York (fake): I hate to admit anything coming out of this rotten "franchise" is worth considering but if Nabby would play for what he signed for in Detroit, snatch him up. Unlikely (and is even even really a UFA? TSN says so, anyway, but I though the Wang could make Snow hold him hostage on the Island. Like he did to James Bond. I'm saying Wang is evil.) Zenon has an awesome name, face off acumen and size. But he'll probably get overpaid by some other GM in a southern climate with a cap to fill and bloodthirsty morons to satisfy - all cause of cause of his fists and the Trevor Gillies crazy smell he and his teammates can't seem to shake.

Omsk: Jagr. Please, Jagr. Even two years. Yeah a year is better, but who else is there? And he's Jagr. You can't teach that.

Ottawa: I guess Fragile Pascil (stretch, sorry) wouldn't be the end of the world as a backup but for god-that-doesn't-exist's sake, the Goat's gotta sign another quality tender. Other than that, the Butler and Greening kids were prospects once, I guess.

Philadelphia: Ville Leino. Other than that, wouldn't it be fun to see Jack go nuts with Zherdev on the team? That would not end well. And I doubt they'll get The City. Ohh, now that I see it in writing I really want them to sign him - just for that nickname.

Phoenix: Belanger - now this one, I wouldn't mind. Great on faceoffs, could anchor an awesome fourth line if they somehow got enough depth to play him, MOEn and Darche/White there regularly. Somehow. Not likely in our price range even for all his intangibles given his offensive output, one would think.

Pittsburgh: They resigned Dupuis who would have been helpful and hilarious, but is Sid's boy - so good for him on cashing in. Talbot isn't big, hasn't ever scored more than 13 goals for a pro team, and has been a substantial minus is 4 of 5 NHL seasons. Why?

San Jose: Ben Eager or Ragin' Ray? Eager might get so jacked up by MTL fans he's start eating the Plexiglas.

St. Louis: They didn't qualify Dagger? He scored 20 goals. But probably a retread for in Montreal's eyes.

Tampa Bay: We're almost done and the first guy I can get a little even excited about: Simon Gagne. Potentially fragile, yes. Alex Tanguay Redux? Maybe. Denis Savard all over again? Perhaps. But you gotta roll the dice sometimes on stuff like that, and they seemed willing with Vodkov. They've got the bucks, the cap space, the cultural fit, and most importantly, there appears to be no reason why he couldn't be a perfect fill with Pleks and Cammy on the top line. The only thing that seems like a big question mark is whether Gagne is ready to handle the Great French Canadien Saviour mantle. I'm not sure I'd want that.

Toronto: Double Blehch. And Ty Biggs is overrated, already.

Vancouver: Higgs for the third line! Please Mr. Gauthier, if we, like, swear to, like, not expect too much from him this time, can we keep him? We'll treat him nice, I double promise!! (As you can see, personally I'd be giddy as little gurl.)

Washington: Jason Arnott .. will probably get more money elsewhere. But it would be nice. Say it with me: especially if it means Gomez is gone.

Winnipeg: Radek Dvorak is the most appealing option, mediocre at best. Like Winnipeg! Bazinga!! Welcome back to the NHL, bitch. It's still cold where you live.

So one could get excited about Richards, Gagne, or Jagr. There are a handful of somewhat attractive second tier options like Leino and Prospal, maybe Connelly or Belanger or Handzus. Lots of back-up options and options for back ups, but that's not surprising. But Habs will probably walk away disappointed. Again.

Review Time: Although I have to admit there was some coolness in the movie in the form of giant robots kicking the shit out of each other in slow mo with glowing metal swords, how about you cut a million bucks from the ginormous CGI budget and spring for a decent writer. And the new blond is no Megan Fox running in slow motion. The acting was about the same, whatever. Amazingly, it managed to offend me as a nerd on two levels: both as a Transformers fan and as a Star Trek fan. I hate what you've done, Micheal Bay. Again.

So there it is. All hype, and a hugh fucking letdown in the end. That's my unnecessary long UFA preview and Transformers 3 Review that was itself unneccesarily long.