Friday, September 30, 2011

Sexy Friday celebrates day 2 of Rosh Hashanah

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of having Mila Kunis over for some CHallah and honey...
  • Would you say it's time to panic? Yes I would Kent. Habs lose again, 4-0 to the Bolts. You can say "it's just pre-season" only so many times;
  • The Little Fuckity-Fuck had a six point night;
  • Drew Doughty cashes in with the Kings to the tune of $56 mill;
  • Banana tossing guy feels terrible about tossing the banana;
  • For the ladies today... hmm. You type "hottest Jewish male actors" and you get Woody Allen or Larry David. That can't be good. All the handsome Jews are doctors. How about some Israeli male models;
  • Hey did you know the season starts next week? News to us at FHF, as we are still working on a season preview. Look for it to drop Monday or Tuesday.
Unlike the men, there are sexy Jewish female actresses up the ying yang. Here's my future wife, Alison Brie, licking things. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.


Steve said...

Hot Jewish Woman.

I never panic, plan the parade.
Over in Laff land they are so deep Tyler Bozak will be starting center.

Little Fuckity Fuck is living in hell so fuck him.

Ontario a color blind province, a place where a 26 year old is shocked to find out throwing a banana at a black person has racial overtones.

Steve said...

I was so busy paying my respects to Rachel I forgot that Drew Doughtys fucking greedy agent is a harbinger of doom. How much is PFK going to want, goat do not repeat this history, sign PFK and TFS now, today before noon. As a bonus promise them you will find them the best internet lawyer in Montreal so they can have unlimited free downloads tax free.

soperman said...

Who carries fruit to a hockey game? He said if he had an apple or an orange, he would have thrown that? There must be a small sect of vegan hockey fans who can't bear the thought of eating a crappy hot dog and a beer.

Steve said...

Is it wrong to have a counterfeiter fan boy accessory.

I have two, home and away no numbers that are pre dicky primo, and I feel fine. I would not seek, and would not wear one with a fucking Buttman Dick.

Steve said...

George with hair? What next the Mexicant scoring a goal?

bananaman said...


appleman said...

A doctor a day keeps the masturbation away.

lemon&limeman said...


cherryman said...


pearman said...


kiwiman said...


kiwiman said...


orangeman said...


orangeman is not allowed to sign in on this facist network, also hyperbole said...

But seriously, when does the real season start? I'm FIDDLEHEAD bored over here.

Pardon my vegetable.

soperman said...

Obviously. :o)

Mr. natural said...

Dear FHF,

As I am still nothing more than a less than two year old newbie to this site I just ask that you not forget me.

Please ensure that I am amongst those that will be alerted when it is officially time to go into a full blwn PANIC!!!

thank you,

That is all,

Mr. n

juce said...

Well, with all these fruits we can either make some sort of salad or maybe even sangria.

Mr. natural said...

Whoa - o my Sangria, we could make some together....

Thank you Tony O and Dawn!

Man this Friday afternoon was a long PHucken' time coming...feels like I might actually have a premium Bourbon rather than a Scotch, don't yell it's just an idea.

Steve said...

The first game is against the Laffs so relax.
Laffs line up
Celine - known for two things, shooting puck 6ft over the net, and rushing the puck and then suddenly realizing he forgot where he left his car keys.
Douc$hark -know for betrayl, and playing like a fussball dummy, who avoids the puck at all cost.
Kid Kadri-known for turning a billion Muslims off hockey.
Connly - know for hurting himself masturbating, as usual out of the lineup.
Donut Boy - known for raising TIM HORTON EBITA daily.
Riemer - pictures of Jesus and Cherry on his helment. First laff goalie in years that should not be in AHL.
Thats it folks

the Maritimer said...

Uh, Steve, I seem to remember the mighty Habs opened the season last year in Loserville...and lost. I'm concerned because it seems the mighty Habs can't or are afraid to shoot pucks at the opposition net. It could be a Chokula edict that the team shall not exceed 2 shots per period. Last night in the second period they resembled the Keystone Cops for sheer clumsiness and I was laughing at their ineptness!

The other thing that bothers me is that thugs like boston and the Phucktards look at the Habs skating around their zone during warm-up and look at the likes of Plekanec, Gomez, DDD, Squid, Swiss Missess' and...laugh!!! We can run those little fucks out of the rink!

Keep your fingers near the panic button kiddies!

Number31 said...

Don't care about pre-season results. All those teams going full-tilt in pre-season usually end up in a funk early, or out of gas by November/December. Like Calgary last season. (7-0!)

Worry when games start to count. Just chill out for now. (Price should make t-shirts of that "chill out" and launch them at fans via t-shirt cannon).

Bookmaker Bonuses said...

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