Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TMS Pops In to Say "Fuck You Mats"

Hey kids! TMS here, back from the land of no hockey news to react to the most recent report from TSN about Mats Sundin. This one reports that Sundin's agent, JP Barry, is now saying a decision is not coming any time soon, and that decision may be to retire.

TMS speaks for everyone in Montreal, Vancouver, New York and whoever the other interested cities are when we say Fuck You Mats. We're tired of this shit, and we don't even want you any more. Your bullshit masturbatory fence-sitting shows you really have no interest in wanting one last chance to win the Cup with the most storied franchise in the history of sports.

And if you do come, we'll just pretend this little mini-rant never happened.


Anonymous said...

Good post you big knob.


Anonymous said...

mat sundin's actions or rather lack of, has turn him into the greatest masturbator of the summer