Friday, August 08, 2008

TMS Says: Go Canada, Eh?

Who's got Olympic fever? Well, OK, two of you raised your hand. What if we told you that the above is Nikola Girke, Canadian Olympian in windsurfing? Yeah, we didn't think that would make much of a difference. Anyway, TMS is a big fan of the Olympics, and wishes Nikola and all her Canadian teammates the best of luck in Beijing starting today. Do your best, we'll be proud. That's all we can ask. Hey, we're Canadian.

What does this have to do with hockey or the Habs? Uh, not much. But fuck, there's nothing going on. When even Panger doesn't know who the Habs' most recent signing is, it's a slow news week.


Habsfan10 said...

Beijing? More like Beischwing!

panger76 said...

@HF10/Wayne Campbell: nicely done!

@HF29: That was an off the record, without prejudice discussion. Don't admit things like that to both our readers!!

HabsFan29 said...

@Panger - I was making a point, that even you, with your VAST knowledge of hockey players in every league, didn't even know him. It was a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Was at the Foreign Correspondent's Club (FCC, the home for old English alcaholic Vietnam war photographers) Hong Kong tonight watching the opening thingy.

Mainly I was trying to scope the pussy gaps on the Danish girls beach volleyball team, but I was also proud as usual of our lovely Canadian kids coming out in the red and white. God love em.

There were of course restrained cheers from all the Canadians at the club, but no more than that. Polite as usual.

We are always polite.

Go kids, have fun and play hard, and OH, um, you nice gymnast girl from like the Ottawa Valley or wherever the fuck, stay away from that evil German weightlifter guy.

Imagine the mad shagging in the olympic village? Must be like Unesco world porno stuff...fantastic really.