Sunday, August 01, 2010

BGL to take over Canadian Government

Georges Laraque is now deputy leader of the Green Party. That's one step away from leader, which is one step away from Prime Minister. Vote Green!

Here's a preview of his first speech in the House of Commons: "TekSAVEEEEE!!! TekSAVEEEEEE!!!!!" [elbows Harper, knocks Ignatieff in the teeth]


Number31 said...

If he knocks Ignatieff in the teeth I might consider voting Green. But maybe then they'd give his spot to Dryden so I'd go back to the Libs anyway. Sorry BGL, you lose.

Lizardking89 said...

God help us all

lr said...

can't be worse than the clown that is currently running in Ottawa. :o

moeman said...

Swiss Mister Métro to take up yodelling.

La Suisse is somewhat French so expect BR to puke his raclette.

We loved you our Zug-bound (does that sound dirty or what?) Bud.

Metropolit s'est dit fier d'avoir pu conclure sa carrière dans l'uniforme du Canadien.

«Terminer ma carrière dans la LNH avec le Canadien représente beaucoup à mes yeux»

, a-t-il déclaré.

Number31 said...

Metro was the very embodiment of the Masterton. Too bad the media was too glassy eyed with the goalies.