Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Weekly Tuesday Morning Skate for Tuesday, August 31

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Christina Hendricks' rack at the Emmys...
  • How about some good news to start your day. Vodkov has begun skating. W00t!
  • Happy 79th Birthday, Le Gros Bill! Your classiness prevents us from saying something nice about you, because praise from a stripper and meth-laden hockey blog would only tarnish your awesomeness;
  • TSN's NHL page has a bunch of recent signings, none of which we find newsworthy. Sam Gagner? Yawn;
  • This week's True Blood recap features tits, for those of you who have no interest in True Blood.
Tomorrow is SEPTEMBER people. I don't think I need to remind you a certain goalie is not yet signed. Maybe by the time Mr. natural gets back from his Euro-jaunt.


moeman said...


HabsFan29 said...

Mr natural may have an excuse, but where is everyone? FHF commentors die in plane crash, film at 11

Le Douze said...

Sorry, 29, I've been checking FHF obsessively, about eight times a day, and H I/O, and various other things, but I don't ever have any clever to say. Just arrghhh....

So now is Carey's agent pulling an Allan Walsh, as per H I/O? I can't figure out why anyone would think he's worth 3 million bones in a buyer's market for netminders. Sigh.

Anyway, loved the Maxim cover the other day, GG's brilliance never fails. I guess it's good we have a big knucklehead or two to go along with our small, skilled forwards. Though it pains me that we let Metro and the Dominicator go...


Mr. natural said...

Phuck I should be this scarce all the time, seems to raise my profile.

Just dropping in because, for once I will try and keep my psychosis in check, I wanted to pay some respect I am so thrilled that you already did in your own demented fashion HF29.

Mr. Beliveau is a great human being, on the ice, off the ice, as an ambassador for the team as well as the sport and to the city that is blessed enough to have him as one of our own.

He is one of the very best role models I have ever had the privilege of knowing!

During that last playoff run, that clip of him pumping his fist in the passageway under the stands was the best sports moment on 2010 for me (the first two rounds weren't bad either).

I will scout for goalies and large power forwards while in Europe.

Only 4 more Dodos.


moeman said...

Hey, TFS™, get on your fucking horse or
take a fucking flight and sign with the
Bleu, Blanc, Rouge.

moeman said...

Hey, TFS™, Get on your fucking horse, Or take a fucking flight, and sign with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge!


HabsFan29 said...

don't tell me comments are broken again. moe i saw your links and I'm in love

moeman said...

29, get in line.

Hey, TFS™, Get on your fucking horse, Or take a fucking flight, and sign with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge!


Bill 101 said...

Hi Folks,

Hope you all had a great summer. Hockey soon.

When I was last at a computer, the Habs were a team plugged with talented young goalies.

Now we're going for #25 with Auld, Sanford & KHLguy? Good thing Carey's locked into an nice long-term contr... WTF?!?!?

Anyway, not to disrespect protocol:

The Bruins still suck like my ex. I pay attention to them. I know when they play CH. I even (gulp) care. I fear they may be gaining the upper hand.

The Leafs still suck like my sister's friends. CBC demands we spend lots of time together and so we cant resist the urge to insult. But, really, who cares?

Some wounds heal slowly. I humbly ask FHF exec to consider whether the time has come to transfer the traditional Leaf-hate to Philly. There are reasons historical (legacy of brutality, the fans etc) and contemporary (Pronger, recent playoffs, fans etc). Hey, hate 'em or hate 'em a lot, the Flyers matter.

Just sayin'

Habsfan10 said...

@ Bill 101: Take a walk through the archives. We've got a special place in our black little hearts reserved for Flyer hate. It's just not as ingrained as Bruin or Leaf hate. Sort of a nuture, not nature thing.

Mr. natural said...

@HF10, well stated.

As Sigmund Freud said "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

Number31 said...

I hate the Flyers more than either of the two so-called traditional rivals.

Hey does anyone remember when Theo didn't sign until the golf tourney if the media nag was ever like this? I can't remember. Then again, I didn't have this thing called "the internets" back then...

Bill 101 said...

Thanks for the tip to this Johnny-come-lately (though I hope you sent a tyop rather than a surgical suggestion)

Via 'May 2010' (sigh) and thence to "We need a good.." I have discovered the generosity of your server and hours, well minutes anyway, of reading pleasure ahead. Flyers suck.

Man, this internet thing is cool. Winter is coming and my Brittania is casting fearful looks at the woodstove.

GoldenGirl11 said...

In case you're out there reading this blog, screw you, Steve Jobs. I hope you need something from me one day like, let's say, uh... a hysterectomy but I'll only offer you one chance every week to book an appointment. I'll make you stand outside of my house for hours and then when I finally let you in I'll tell you to try again next week. And when you tell me that you want it done laproscopically I'll tell you that I can only arrange for invasive surgery but that the laproscopic version will be available in 6 months even though the doctor is qualified to do both right now. I'll offer you a pessery for your problem which you'll grab because you'll be desperate and when you realize that the pessery is not the solution to your problem - it'll even makes things worse - I won't allow you take the pessery out but I'll still make you wait. Sure it'll screw up you system but until you have the surgery you'll have to suffer. And once you're up and around again I'll make you wait so long for a follow up appointment that when you do show up with your bladder hanging out of your vagina I'll tell you that I have no idea who you are and that you need a consult from a family physician to see DrGG even though you know that I know you very well. And good luck getting a family doctor, Steve. You are so screwed.

Darksyde said...

I'll take it the incredibly talented GG11 is having a hard time finding an iPhone 4.
Stop Crosbying!
It'll be obsolete by next year anyways...if not by next week!
I'm not going to worry about Carey not signing until training camp. If he's not signed by then...we'll likely wait some more, with lots of fan/media whining to have fun with.

-Sent from my iPod

GoldenGirl11 said...

My troubles are with the iphone 3 which now has system 4 installed even though I didn't want it as it fucks up the 3GS. I was patiently waiting until November to get the white iphone 4 - the white plastic apparently is harder to produce than originally thought when Apple oh, I don't know, MARKETED BOTH COLORS - but now I may be forced to get the 4 in black. Ok, sure it's not starving children in Africa but Apple products just aren't made like they were in the 80's. I'm sure even starving children would agree with that.

I don't hate Steve jobs for making a living, I hate him for making me want the phone even when I don't really want the phone... even though I, of course, want the phone. If you follow what I'm saying.