Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sexy Saturday is cleaning out some files

Nothing says Sexy like Hal Gill

Morning all. So sorry for the lack of Sexy Friday yesterday. Real life and all. So for Sexy Saturday we're doing something special - dumping a whole lotta crap on you! Consider these the FHF sexy deleted scenes, as we clean out some photos from our hard drive (to make room for more porn). There's just so much sexy goodness (in these pics that didn't make the cut in the first place), we're putting the whole thing after the jump. Join us for a trip down memory lane by doing the clickity-click thing NOW...

This summer's World Cup was awesome for its sexiness. First, here's a bonus pic we didn't use of that famous Paraguayan babe with the boobs and the cell phone and the boobs. You know, what's-her-name. Man her 15 minutes are up.

And some random World cup babeage:

I think we once had a streak going where we only posted chicks who slept with Tom Brady for the previews. Here's a couple of outtakes from that series.

Our hard drive is filled with random stripper pics. Sometimes it's pretty obvious why we didn't use them. That den mother second from right is frightening me.

Here's some women drinking champagne, because, uh, we were celebrating something maybe?

We seem to have a whole series of sexy nun pictures on our hard drive. I vaguely recall a sexy nun preview a few years back. Or maybe these were just mixed in from our personal collection.

And finally, no sexy outtakes would be complete without a couple of selections from the Weekend Open Thread of Love series. Enjoy your weekend kids. Hockey season is just around the corner.


L Dude said...

And good morning to you sir!

Sexiest. Saturday. Ever.

moeman said...

He shoots. He scores! Et c'est le but.

the Maritimer said...


wv = stiropr.....close...

sass said...

just here for the hal.
lookit mr gill, pimping it up.
sexay indeed, sir.

Mr. natural said...

...............about PHucking time!!!

Now start pumping us up for the season (OK that may be premature as games through Christmas mean what they mean) but at least start shitting on the Laffs hard core.

Above content is the sole property of Mr. natural, any reproduction in part or in whole without the written consent of Mr. natural is strictly prohibited by copyright laws.

That is all.

Mr. natural said...

Earth to FHF, come in FHF, this is earh signs of intelligent life

HabsFan29 said...

@mr natural - well there's some life but it's not too intelligent