Friday, July 15, 2011

The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, July 15th

Your Kate Upton quota for the week has some bonus babes. via

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Victoria's Secret models in spandex...
  • "Le but des Canadiens marqué par le numéro soixante-douze... Canadiens' goal scored by number 72... Eric Cole";
  • Speaking of numbers, Double D has changed his;
  • Goodbye Pierre McSplooge, hello Pierre The (Hash) Brownie;
  • Since there's really no actual hockey to speak of, here's one of the best Deadspin posts in a long long time; gonzo journalism about LSD and baseball. Look for the FHF post next week where we take a lot of meth to try and recreate, uh, the night we took a lot of meth;
  • Or a True Blood recap written by some schumck.
More Victoria's Secret models + swimsuits = 'nuff said. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.


Arazi13 said...

I never thought id say this but...


i cant hardly open your site at work anymore and definitely not at work! and i work at a pretty lax gaming company!

or link us to the strippers so that we can check them out at home while are kids are playing with their toys and my wife is yapping about something, (god knows what)

which is how i checked out the chocolate covered babe site you linked.

the Maritimer said...

moeman probably knows already, but the useless Jeff Marek has left HNIT iDesk and moved on to Sportsnet to join Jovial Doug MacLean and Concussed Nick Kypreos. Wonder what other Bruins alumni thugs the CBC will dig up so they can blow the Bruins all next season? Probably Dr. Recchi is on the list.

soperman said...

@ the maritimer

Dr. Recchi will be their medical expert on concussions and the headshots non-issue.

Number31 said...

Mathieu Carle finally traded. RDS will start mourning. That's what happens when you take his number!

(Well, he asked to be traded...two years ago. Then subsequently got a concussion the very next game.)

eclaireur said...

Can somebody explain this trade to me?

Matthieu Carle has been developing well, I thought.

the Maritimer said...

Heh,heh...Mark Mitera is a Burkie pick for Anaheim. Looks like the Habs got some truculence.