Friday, July 08, 2011

Sexy Friday is HOT (you know, 'cause it's July)

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of babes covered in chocolate...
  • We have a trade! The Goat lands Michael Blunden who, uh, well we have no idea who he is. But he's 6'4", so we'll take him. The BJs get Ryan Russell, giving them identical twins;
  • Habs also sign Brian Willsie. Who are these people? He finished 11th in the AHL last year in scoring, that's good! He's 33 years old and in the AHL, that's bad;
  • The media finally realized 3 days later that PFK was in Haiti. Just another example of keeping the black man down;
  • Welcome to the fishbowl Nathan Beaulieu (what did we decide was his nickname?);
  • The Preds signed four of their RFAs ahead of the NHLPA grievance, but Little Tits was not one of them;
  • Not hockey-related, but we find these allegations of the Als inflating attendance figures fascinating;
  • Also not hockey-related, but RIP Dick Williams. We remember those 1979-81 Expos seasons like it was yesterday;
  • Here's a gallery of all the sexiest Bar Rafaeli pics you'll find on the interwebs. Should keep you busy for awhile 2 minutes. (lap dance to FHF NYC friend The Stud for the link).
Here's the latest Kate Upton SoBe commercial (what is SoBe anyway?). We think the humour takes away from the sexiness a bit, but after those Bar pics you're probably finished so no biggie. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.


moeman said...

Merci Bar et Kate.

Steve said...

While Kate Upton reminds me of Bree Olson, Bar makes me forget about her.

Nathan Nickame how about Bluenose?

Le Douze said...

Mmm, chocolate (and whipped cream) - very tasty.

Thanks for the the long trade tracker write up, 29, makes me feel better that I have NO FUCKING CLUE who any of these guys are - but my reaction was like yours, 6' 4#? Bring it on!

I see that Nathan Balloo doesn't speak any French, despite being from the Q (the league, anyway, if not the province.) That's gonna fuck up some folks.

Le Douze said...

or 6' 4", it's bugger hard typing with one hand (damned twins).

the Maritimer said...

How about Nate the Great like his twitter account?

@Steve, Bluenosers are Nova Scotians whose noses would get blue from the cold fishing in the open Atlantic Ocean.

Nathan was born in Strathroy, Ontario. He moved to New Brunswick with his family when his Dad took over the Sea Dogs as head coach and GM and played AAA minor hockey here. He stayed when his father was let go because he had been drafted by the Sea Dogs. New Brunswickers are known as Herring Chokers, because of the sardine industry which is still prominent to this day.

So, FHF will have to figure out what Ontario origin nickname applies. Upper Canadian peach picker maybe?

Fuuny story - a lady moved to Maine from another part of the USA, settled there, and after a time declared herself a native Mainer. A local said uh uh, no way. So, she said "my children will be considered Mainers if they are born here. To which the local replied: "If my cat had kittens in the oven, I wouldn't call them biscuits."

Carry on...

the Maritimer said...

There are smaller tits than Carrie Underwood Fisher's in Nashville.

Sergei re-ups with the Preds for 1 year at 2.5mil. Not bad. Is there anything to spend that kind of dough on in Nasville?

moeman said...

Q: Is there anything to spend that kind of dough on in Nasville?

A: Carrie Underwood Fisher's smaller tits.

Mr. natural said...

Yummmm Chocolate tits, a lesbian's dream....If only I was a lesbian.

Nathan Beaulieu = Mr. Goodspot

Anonymous said...

no patience or keyboard to to the hyperlink thing.

Steve said...

Horsecock, seriously would you not want him on your team.
A horse like penis indicates he has all kinds of good stuff to bring, fast twitching mussel and effervescent digestion of sugars. Look at it this way, he might have what the mexicant is lacking.
I know all these things from personal experience, okay when challenged by the tape maybe I am more Shetland pony, but its still a horse of course.

Anonymous said...

new name: Nathan "Bloke" Beaulieu