Friday, July 15, 2011

Colé, olé, olé (find a better nickname bitCHes).

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b said...

Let me suggest Swego.
After Eric's home town.
Oswego, NY. or it might be very very far southern eastern Ontario as it sits right on the lake.

Oleg Petrov said...

Suggested this a while back - The Lump.

ti-cul le biker said...

for size grit and speed we should sign Thor The God Of Thunder

Mr. natural said...

I think Lump has potential,

YUMmmmmm bacon!

Hadulf said...

Erik Cole...Coke.

Anonymous said...

Somebody had suggested E. Coli
I like it, especially if he Oilers us.


Number31 said...

Eric Cole's nickname: Not Mathieu Carle?

Number31 said...

EriK sorry.

BaruCH said...

if he shines:
I like ColeyFlower since that's what is face reminds me of
or Easy (sounds like his initials)
or Ice Cream
if he is meh:
Lump or Lumpy is good
This Mortal Cole
if he (WV:) tossesse:

BaruCH said...

trying the link again, the pdf has a detailed profile of EC72 some things you'll probably wish you didn't know.

btw, is that girl lying on a big slab of CHorizo?

dwgs said...

Old King Cole.

moeman said...

J A P A N!

Anonymous said...

LOL i actually recognized this EXACT pic from facebook LOLOL