Monday, July 18, 2011

Morning Sherwood™ ~ Stuff that'll get a rise out of you

Good morning FHFers. How's the summer goin' for ya?
Our trusted (except when it comes to fine print ice cream offers)
FHFriend 29 is off somewhere painting a deck.
Lucky for us he isn't a CHeap Trick roadie.
2015's version will be played in 6 Canadian cities.
Hope I'm still Solo by then.
The Stanley Cup wanted nothing of ugly Fuckface Horton.
Wonder if his wife is related to Jacques Plante?
Speaking of tomatoes, made these, on the BBQ.
~ ~ ~
29, have the beer after painting
~ ~ ~


soperman said...

What a day. My computer isn't working except for the internet (weird?) and now you have given me entertainment which remains "Unforbidden" on your website - go figure.

Oh yeah, the little weasels with the pocket protectors are unusually slow this morning....


Moey said...

Moe, recipe for those tomatoes please. Looks yummy.

moeman said...

Moey, click on 'made these'.

soperman said...

Wow - hockey, strippers AND FOOD - you are now truly doing God's work.

HabsFan29 said...

TMS is dead. Long live the Morning Sherwood-y!

Number31 said...

I really don't like summer.

the Maritimer said...

@Number31, really? Wow, I like hockey and the Montreal Canadiens as much as anybody here but I love summer. Couldn't imagine 12 months of winter.

Number31 said...

I can't take the heat. I'm on the verge of begging my work to transfer me to our studio in Norway. Northern Arctic Norway, which is about as warm as a nice day in the Fall. I don't even really care about the 6 months of darkness.

Off topic but watching the news I've discovered that John Baird looks like a giant chubby beaver.

Steve said...

wake me when September comes, hey that would make a great song.

When they kick out your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun

Caduceus said...

Hey Moe, actually... Horton's wife is related to Jacques Plante; she's his great-niece.

moeman said...

Thx Cadu.

Number31 said...

Poor Chipper... Has to sign a two-way deal with Phoenix.