Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a weekend open thread of love!

Patches! Als! Sens tonight, Bs tomorrow. I have to run off, I'll update later, talk amongst yourselves. That's what TWOTOL's all about anyway...

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE. Habs lost 3-2 last night, thanks to a goal in the last minute by Chris Neil (seriously?). Not much of a game to remember, except for Squid's 2 goals thanks to Palushaj's two helpers. Beaulieu showed he's not ready for prime time, despite RDS' insistence he is. TFS hopefully continuing his pattern of playing meh in the pre-season only to win almost 40 games in the regular season. Although he did have some huge saves at key times, and the Sens' 2nd goal bounced off a hundred skates before it went in.

Bruins tonight, at 6 pm EST from Halifax. PatCHes did not make the trip out East, and the Shaved Gorilla has been on and off with a leg injury all pre-season so he probably won't be there either. Don't forget CHicken! In other former-Habs-with-CH-in-their-nickname news, CHeez Whiz is in trouble.

While you wait, nice NFL double at 1 PM (at least on northeast stations) with Giants-Eagles and Pats-Bills (Bills are good this year). Or you could catch up on some housework. You're bathtub is disgusting.

moeman updates that i/o reports the following; "The Boston Bruins will play defenceman Zdeno Chara and forward Benoit Pouliot tonight vs. the Canadiens, but will sit both players tomorrow on the team’s date back at the Bell Centre."
Guess the shaved ape won't be relaxing at the Boston Zoo today and is too small-balled to play in Montréal, also, too CHickenshit.


Number31 said...

Wiz suspended indefinitely for hitting Clutterbuck in the head. Not a lot of love there.

the Maritimer said...

Nathan Beaulieu playing tonight. Might be almost worth it to tune in.

juce said...

Olivier Archambault and Philippe Lefebvre also in the lienup.

moeman said...

Shanny's suspensions for shots to the head are welcomed. Q 4 U Shanny, why did the leaf lunkhead Phaneuf skate?

moeman said...

From i/o;

Carey Price gets the start and will play the full game.

The rest of the Canadiens’ lineup:

Cammalleri – Plekanec – Gionta
Palushaj – Dumont – Trotter
Archambault – DeSimone – Moen
Lefebvre – Massé – Schultz

Beaulieu – Gorges
Spacek – Woywitka
Mitera – St-Denis

iRiRi & juce, the puck drops at 7 p.m.

juce said...

Thank you.

juce said...

Happy 75th Jim Hensen, cute amusement on Google.

moeman said...

Pre-game meal (Moey take notes);

Metro has filet mignon roasts on sale this week. Do not miss this deal.
Cut into 3 inCH thick pieces, lightly rubbed (easy 29) with olive oil, re-rubbed with
Montréal BBQ spices and onto a burnin' hot BBQ. I like mine rare.

Smashed garlic new potatoes with some butter and 18% creme. Some S, lotsa P.

Roasted red peppers as a side.

Homemade Caesar salad with pumpernickel croutons.

Napa Valley St. Supéry Merlot, 2007. Decanted.

First ever homemade gâteau Tira with Amaretti crust.

Gonna double up on the P90X tomorrow, unless of course, the gal pal works those
calories off tonight, through-out the night and whilst visiting the Morning SherWood.


iRiRi said...

Thanks, moeman. That menu puts my angel hair pasta w/ shrimp to shame.


HabsFan29 said...

RDS panel just mcsplooged all over beaulieu

moe youre making me hungry, and i already ate

HabsFan29 said...

0-0 after one. you're not missing anything

moeman said...

CHeckin' in.

Kinda busy but not blue.

4 UR listenin' pleasure;

iRiRi said...

Ladies & gentlemen, our 13th forward!

iRiRi said...

Or not.

moeman said...

@iRiRi, ri: "That menu puts my angel hair pasta w/ shrimp to shame."

Never any shame in a home cooked meal.

I do a similar angel hair pasta w/ shrimp, with black olives, gorgonzola and fresh basil.

SQUID!!! again!!!

juce said...

I've been waiting for this, tomorrow puck drops @6.00

@moeman, that really was a listening pleasure, thank you.

Number31 said...

You know it's preseason when: Chris Neil scores goals on the powerplay.

Still has less teeth.

Man....these guys skate backwards worse than me. But frankly a meteor would have to wipe out all depth for Mitera-Woywitka to pair up in the NHL during real games.

Either way, Gio better not do that in real games. You just KNOW the douche ref (Leggo) will ignore the stick to the face on Pleky and call the dainty slash on Carkner.

juce said...

Bergeron is an ass! He stifles the panel whenever a point is being discussed and interjects someone mid-sentence to about stories of himself dans temps.

Mr. natural said...

Shit pulled something in my back it's killing me, can't sleep anymore,

Only 3 PHucken' hours sleep. Was at your beloved Hurley's 'til sometime past 2:00 AM. I'm telling you all...nay ordering you all to check out one of Shane Murphy's sets, this guy is otherworldly and that ain't no bullshit.

OK so food it is my young friends....ate at Osteria Venti last night, 375 St-Paul West.
Food was excellent and reasonably priced considering the quality and geography of the place but it is WAY loud.

Limited selection of wine by the glass, most of what Mrs. n and I shared was home made or at least local:
- Ricotta Gnocchi
- Fried mushrooms
- cold cut plate
- porchetta
- fried potatoes

Only saw 3/4 of the third, Habbies didn't look too hot and that prick Neil still putting us off our game.

Anyway pre-season is STRICKLY for assessing players the actual outcome of the game is irrelevant.

who was #8 on D last night? He didn't win any fans.

OK I'm out, will go check moeman's link.


the Maritimer said...

Exhibition hockey = meh.

Decided to watch 3 episodes of Stargate SG-1 from Season 5 last night, my nephew has all 10 seasons so I'm playing catch-up.

I may watch some of the game tonight if I'm not footballed out. Cooking a turkey today with all the trimmings and a homemade apple crisp for dessert.

Moey said...


Bought 2 good sized filets yesterday at Metro. Cut off what I needed and froze the rest. I like mine au natural, rub EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on both sides, sprinkle freshly ground black pepper and fleur de sel on both sides. Yes, BBQ has to be hot hot hot. Cook approx. 4 mins per side. Did some mushroom caps with garlic butter on the grill too. Just regular baked spud to go with it. Yum.

moeman said...

Nicely done Moey.


Gotta love RDS' text msgs, (the CAPS and exclamation point are there's not mine) NOUVELLES LNH! - Steve Bégin coupé ...

Number31 said...

#8 is Woywitka.

HabsFan29 said...

this Pats-Bills game is quite something

iRiRi said...

New & improved Mex!!!

juce said...

Fuck YEAH, the Mexicant sores 1st of the game!!!


juce said...

Broons will always be Goons

moeman said...

Just got home kidz, what did I miss?

Huge-hands-Gauthier ripping players that aren't giving it their all? Isn't this freak still young enough to draw a salary in a 30 team league?

Habs need more embarrassment than being scored on by gregory 'my Dad got me this Cup ring' campbell?

Moey said...

Geez. Can't wait for them to clean up our roster. This pre-season stuff sucks.

juce said...

The reason Ratface's nose is so long is to compensate for size deficiency of his teeny weeny penis.

Mr. natural said...

Another hit on a leafs player draws a suspension:

GOD wouldn't it be great if Shanny kept this up in a fair and equitable way for the entire season?!