Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rookies ~ You gotta luv em'

Spring is in the air, um wait a sec., Summer is almost over! FHFuck!
Lots of youngsters showing up for rookie camp,
Fall can't be too far and yes, Habs hockey is soon upon us.
I can almost taste the FHFree ice cream! (for any new FHFers,
just make sure to post lots of comments to get a lick).
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J.T.'s fun take on rookie camp.
DDD does daily duty describing debutantes.
25Stanley thinks LouisLouis will be tenderized.
Ms. Universe 2011 rookie camp news/pics.
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Rookie FHFers, press some flesh.
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Not so much a rookie band but a great free fucking PJ song titled Olé!
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Hep cat hype and some pretty hep Habs cats.
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Remember being a rookie Chef?
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The End
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Steve said...


And if they bring up Louis Louis Louis Leblanc before he dominates in the AHL they will be the brain trust of the Montreal Canadians

HF29 aka HH29 said...

mmm, Kraft Dinnera and tits

moeman said...

The first observation from the Canadiens' annual charity golf tournament - the unofficial start of hockey season in Montreal - is that European luxury SUVs may be back in vogue among NHL players.

Only a couple of notable exceptions among the Habs rolling up to the clubhouse at Laval-sur-le-lac, including resident jokester Jaroslav Spacek, who rolled in behind the wheel of a massive German sedan.

All the Habs' roster players were on hand, although several didn't golf, including P.K. Subban, who said he's nursing a minor "upper body" injury (isn't it too soon for upper and lower bodies?), Josh Gorges, Andrei Markov, Lars Eller (all recovering from surgery) and Andrei Kostitsyn and Tomas Plekanec, who apparently just don't play the game, presumably because they suck at it.

Goaltender Carey Price was typically relaxed and laid back (money quote from him: "we have to see ourselves as one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference"), Scott Gomez was looking noticeably more buff after spending most of the summer working out in California and New York City, and everyone else, including Max Pacioretty and newbie Erik Cole looked fit and anxious to start camp.

"You have no idea," said Gorges, who hasn't played in eight-and-a-half months because of knee surgery.

Winger Michael Cammalleri, probably the best golfer on the team, talked about the birth of his daughter Chloe, who is now a month old. New dads will testify that the first three months of any newborn's life tend to be an exhausting affair, but Cammalleri's not worried.

"Brian Gionta told me he had the best year of his career the year his first kid was born," Cammalleri said.

moeman said...

Mike Cammalleri: [about Boston winning the Cup] "Did they win it? I don't even know."


moeman said...


Pacioretty also announced the formation of the Max Pacioretty Foundation for research and development for brain trauma at the Montreal General Hospital, expected to launch sometime soon.

Unknown said...



I'M COMING TO MONTREAL FOR THE BRUINS GAME UP THERE ON OCTOBER 29TH (they are playing some scrub team, I think it's an exhibition)

Anybody wanna get beers?

moeman said...

@CornHard, ain't a Montrealer but might be there too.

Unknown said...


sweet, if you are let's do this thing

RocketMan9 said...

Fucking Google won't let me post it as a link, but thought we could use this, for the start of habsdom for the year.

Mr. natural said...

if beers and hockey are involved name the time and the place and Mr. n will be there with bells on!

ALLRIGHT starting to feel it now.....GYMFHGGG!!!

Mr. natural said...

@moeman nice pics :) Kraft dinner, you goofy Bastard.

soperman said...

aaah Kraft dinner, the breakfast of champions - or in the case of Broon fans, chumpions.

Hadulf said...

@Bill 10-4 from yesterday...

We can't set the bar too high, ya know...So I'm going with 58 points...That's 20 more points than last year...

Good enough for ya?

Hadulf said...

Poor Guy Lafleur

Look at that pic...Guy's son, who I don't dare attach the last name to, is like..."Yo, what's up ladies"

Guy's face is saying "You know how much you cost me in lawyers your little fucker?"...

Poor Guy...having to defend his fucked up kid. I mean, totally understandable, I'm a dad (x2) and will do everything for my kids, still have to feel for the guy...Especially that his shit is all in the media etc...

Steve said...

Will there ever be a hockey movie better than slapshot?
Mostly it depends upon whether your wifes a dyke.

juce said...

@cornelius, heard you broons signed Marchand, still say his nose is longer than Ferrence's finger.

Steve said...

Rumours about Vodkov not good. Water o the knee, no Vodokv this year?

the Maritimer said...

I predicted back in July or August that Markov or Vodkov as he's affectionately known around here would be on IR by Christmas. Looks like I was too optimistic.

I also said Gomehs would still suck. That's a given.

@juce, welcome and good one about ratface's nose.

If any of you guys are willing to drink with the enemy, I hope you'll do the same for a travelling Maritimer on Oct. 24th. Working on getting ticket(s) for the game that Monday night.

juce said...

@the maritimer,thank you. Not that I wouldn't love to meet & have a drink with FHFers on Oct 24th, however,I'm tied every Monday (not literally...unfortunately)