Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer ain't officially over ...

OK, so our Habs lost, 6-3, in a pre-season game.
Lotsa kinks to be worked out but Colé scored and Gremlin had a nice hit,
so that's nice. No ice cream? Not so nice. Bonus, its still-Summer weather.
RDS calls it an early costly loss. Really. Do they think ratings'll suffer?
As our own gillis would say, "meh". CHill out FHFers, you could be a leaf fan.
Or Steve-Olé, now dats gotta hurt.

Regardless. Summer has yet to set.
Enjoy the warm weather, 
the real CHill in the air ain't far away and it could be
much, fucking, worse.
Be good and be good to eaCH other.
The End.
G Y F pre-season H G !


Number31 said...

RDS was more "slow start was costly". In other words, sky is blue, water is wet, and Benoit Brunet still needs to STFU.

I say Raphael Diaz needs to be interviewed after every game regardless of whether he is playing or not. I love the way he speaks...

Moey said...

Didn't listen to RDS, I was listening to the Team 990 that was about 60 minutes behind the play. It got better towards the end. A costly early start? Seriously? Thank God for TSN(Habs).

the Maritimer said...

Analysing pre-season games?


I turned it off after the first period. I don't think I'll be watching too much RDS this season.

Steve said...

Panic fucking panic, there is always 2012.

Mr. natural said...


Oh...wait it's the pre-PHUCKEN' irrelevant season, chill the PHuck out.

Chester said...

Nat King ...
Ya thats it

bea.habs.fan said...

hard to believe this handwringing. (not that there is any of that here)
I watched a total of 5 min before I got bored. I was confused about who was on the ice all the time and RDS was no help.
I'm with Moey and TSN. or muting but then I miss the plays . I expect I'll be doing a lot of Canadians express

It suresses hot in the spotlight of Habs fandom

Steve said...

For Moeman

Bill 10-4 said...

Saw a nice photo of the Jets game last night. They dont have ads on the boards yet.

Clean white arena board - lovely

sad too

soperman said...

It's the pre-season folks. Does TFS have to tell us to "chill" again? They are working on the details.

Steve said...

IF I was Chocula I would warn Horsecock about hanging on the boards, the rule states any part of the body on the ice and its to many men. I would also go with an all swissmiss defense to try and stop this losing streak.

moeman said...

Steve, your link is broken.


Its the end of R.E.M. as we knew it;


Mr. natural said...

Man the Habs have yet to win even one single game this season!

We have the same record as the Laffs!

Put the parade on hold, for now.

(Wipes away tear)

juce said...

"Everybody Hurts Sometime"....as the Broons will soon learn.