Monday, July 11, 2011

CHarity is hard work, we ❤ PFK!

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Whilst here ...


Steve said...

@still angry, way offside, way way offside, I suggest voluntary termination of your comment.

moeman said...

@Steve, done.

Whilst here, an easy, fun, free recipe.

HabsFan29 said...

i think we should have asked stillangry if he was black. he can use that word then, right?

anyway, i personally love that handsome young gentleman of african descent

Is Jennifer Robinson 100 feet tall? i dig tall chicks wearing habs jerseys

Le Douze said...

In important FHF news, "Pants" is a trending topic in the Montreal Twitterverse.

Thought you'd like to know.

the Maritimer said...

@soperman, you're probably at your summer place with no internet, but waht do you think of the Mooseheads picking up Nathan McKinnon another prodigy out of Cole Harbour?

The Moose might actually be worth watching this year....I kid!!!!!

the Maritimer said...

@moeman, don't know where you are finding all those spectacular derrieres, please keep up the good work.

moeman said...

@the M., you should see my vanity license plate.

Mr. natural said...

PHucken' Blogger!!!!!!

Anyway, good on PFK and BGL. I wish BGL had played that well with Habs.

Man that is a high quality ass.

Had my first Billy Burger at Hurley's, it'll do in a pinch.

Beer is really really cold, great!

Need me some hockey, though the USA women's win over Brazil was dramatic enough.

Oh yeah, Cleveland has a real nice ballpark, that is all.

kevin poe said...

It is true that charity is a very hard work but it feels so nice doing it. When I started to do charity work at Yuri Mintskovsky's organization I wasn't sure that I'm doing the right thing....don't ask me why...But after I went to Africa and saw those little kids so excited about us arriving there I felt important and also loved. And this was true, the kids were so happy because we were there to help teach and support them. Since that moment doing charity work became a priority for me.