Friday, August 19, 2011

Sexy Friday is playing with the size of the nets

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of a Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge Lingerie Sextacular...
  • The NHL's R&D camp has come up with the awesome idea of making the nets four inches narrower. This will give Big Tits an extra 4 inches of space behind the net to lose the puck;
  • Also from R&D camp (one time, at R&D camp...), something about curved glass stanchions between the benches designed to protect the players. A little late, assholes;
  • Here's your HNIC schedule news for the coming season. It includes the Habs on a couple of Thursdays and a Friday. Hockey night ain't what it used to be;
  • We also count about 15 Habs games on the TSN schedule;
  • Looks like Sean Avery is getting off scot-free in his police battery case, because he didn't actually push the cop. He just stood there and waved his stick in his face;
  • Lap dance to N31 for pointing out video of Alex (Y)Emelin skating in Brossard. He looks big and mobile. *wipes drool from chin*
  • A preview of 2K's NHL 12 video game, which includes a new "legends" mode so you can be Gretzky, Howe, and... Börje Salming?
  • Your bonus Sexy Friday bullet is an Emmanuel Chriqui gallery, a Montrealer we can all be proud of.
You would not believe the kind of videos that come up when you search for "hot babes in nets." Man those Japanese are crazy. So instead enjoy this video of the Victoria's Secret bra you may have noticed (or not) in the pics linked above. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.


Lee said...

Yeah and Jeremy Roenick. Wtf?

Steve said...

How long before the Jets change their name to the Royal Canadian Jets. Fuck off you Royal Wankers.

Happy Sexy Friday to the others, and I am probably the only one who would be against having an extra 4 inches, you see with my shot, cant afford the repair bills that would ensue.

Moey said...

Check out the roots on that blonde. Disgraceful.

Steve said...

I had to promise never to look at sexy friday in the airport again.

Mr. natural said...

Mrs. n REALLY wishes I had an extra 4 inches....*sigh*

sal paradise said...

"...from R&D camp...something about curved glass stanchions between the benches designed to protect the players."

One of the few things they'll test at the R&D camp and actually use stems from a "hockey play" that meritted no suspension...fucking hypocrites.

the Maritimer said...

The blonde's roots weren't the first thing I noticed but, thanks for pointing it out.

@ Steve, sounds like the only thing that would stop your shot is Captain America's indestructible shield.

Hockey this weekend in Saint John, N.B. Sea Dogs vs. Wildcats.

wv = I'd like to go to the hockey game tomorrow but "immating" instead.

Hadulf said...

Yeah, I got nothing. It's all been said but I felt I should let you know that I still come around here!

wv : I bet Steve's shot makes it way up into the rafters

Number31 said...

About the curved glass stanchion crap... Yea how about stopping moron players from thinking it's OK to slam a guy headfirst into them when he's nowhere near the puck that said moron's teammate already has possession of? What a concept.

R&D that.

the Maritimer said...

Really quiet here today. Everybody must be down at the race track.

The NHL is one corrupt league. Fuckface Chara knew exactly what he was doing and got nothing because Campbell and his cronies didn't DARE fuck with Jeremy Jacob's headhunters.

Boston Bruins = dirtiest team in the league. Enjoy your tainted cup Cornelius Hardbender, I'll never recognize it.

Mr. natural said...


Steve said...

RIP Jack

HabsFan29 said...

I can't believe I learned that news from Steve and my own hockey blog, but man. RIP Jack, you went out swinging.

Mobile Bookmaking said...

haha nice video, and talking about the wekeend's game, I cannot wait for it, I am really looking forward to it :D