Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy Canada Free Agent Day!

Greetings, fans of contracts and money! Welcome to the FHF post where we expect you will inform us that Ilya Kovalchuk has signed in L.A. or N.Y. or Phoenix or Vladivostok or something at 12:01 PM. This is going to be a hella boring day in Habs world imho. Sure, we'll get some minor things going on, but I'm doubtful any real shit is gonna go down (jinx!). So don't expect much in the way of serious (ha!) posts around here. If it does, sure, we'll post, but consider this an open thread to discuss what Big Fat Frenzy Bob says on TSN.

While you wait for something to happen totally bored, here's some reading:
Happy Canada Day, eh? If there's anything more Canadian than comedy and fur-trading, I'd like to hear it.


moeman said...

Happy Canada Day bitCHes!


Can the Habs afford VolCHenkov?

Habsfan1993 said...

Who will become the new Ugliest Man in the League now that Brind'Amour has retired?

mr trivia said...

@1993 - ollie jokinen.

that flag makes me feel, um, patriotic.

ezzeloharr said...
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ezzeloharr said...

Guys, I think I'm more excited to see the deals on Steam today than I am about seeing what the Habs will do today.

Maybe that's because they're going to do nothing.

RiRi said...

"Lingerie model will run naked if Paraguay wins World Cup"

Guess who? She's no stranger around these parts.

Now, back to hockey.

How do we feel about Martin Biron? Because I'm pretty sure he's all Gauthier can afford at this point.

Mr. natural said...

@ mr trivia, that flag makes me stand at attention.

I was hoping Argentina would win because you know Maradona will keep his promise to run naked, but after a week of Larissa pictures I now pray that Paraguay wins.

....still think that looks like the cell phone i misplaced...

HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL!! (Especially orangeman over yonder)

ezzeloharr said...

Also, Als season starts tonight! Go Als!

Number31 said...

Glorious Canada Day!

I'm hoping Marty Turco realizes he's good for a pay cut and comes here to back up Price.

Pissed that Versteeg's a Leaf though. I hate it when my favourite players get traded to teams I despise... Probably wouldn't have had to trade him in the first place if they knew how to send a fax properly for his qualifying offer LAST year. And if they get Savard, do they make an Accidental Bruins lines?

mr trivia said...

i'm so excited for 7 hours of nothing!!!

RiRi said...

Biron to the Rangers. NEXT!

HabsFan29 said...

you know the only thing I like every year about TSN's made-up "free Agent Frenzy" is Jay Onrait's live blog. and he doesn't seem to be doing it this year. i may as well take a nap

ezzeloharr said...

Gonchar gone. Ottawa.

moeman said...

Auld is a Hab @ $1M.

ezzeloharr said...

Ugh. Colby Armstrong just signed with the laffs.

Oleg Petrov said...

Oh well. At least they found a goalie that'll make Price look good.

Oleg Petrov said...

Welcome Alex Auld!!!

Suitcase [SOOT-kâys], n. :

2010/02/27 Claimed off waivers from the Dallas Stars.
2010/02/24 Placed on waivers by the Dallas Stars.
2009/07/08 Acquired from the Ottawa Senators.
2008/07/01 Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Ottawa Senators to a two-year contract.
2007/12/06 Recalled from San Antonio (AHL).
2007/11/20 Assigned to San Antonio (AHL).
2007/08/13 Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Phoenix Coyotes to a one-year contract.
2007/06/26 Florida Panthers did not tender a qualifying offer.
2007/04/09 Missed the last 22 games of the regular season (left knee injury).
2007/02/20 Left knee injury, day-to-day.
2006/07/14 Re-signed by the Florida Panthers to a one-year contract.
2005/01/02 Returned from Team Canada (Spengler Cup).
2004/12/22 Loaned to Team Canada (Spengler Cup).
2004/09/16 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2004/09/10 Re-signed as a restricted free agent by the Florida Panthers to a one-year contract.
2004/09/10 Re-signed by the Vancouver Canucks to a multi-year contract.2004/04/06 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2004/03/25 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2004/03/19 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2004/02/15 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2004/02/14 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2004/01/19 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2003/12/10 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2003/09/28 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2003/03/29 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2003/03/27 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2003/03/23 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2003/03/18 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2003/03/04 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2002/09/25 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2002/02/13 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2002/02/03 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2002/02/01 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2002/01/23 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2002/01/11 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).
2002/01/08 Recalled from Manitoba (AHL).
2001/09/23 Assigned to Manitoba (AHL).

kevincrumbs said...

Alex Auld? What's the fucking point? Is he really that much better than Curtis Sanford?

ezzeloharr said...

Several reports that Ellis has a two year deal worth 1.5M$ per year.

It's days like this that make me sad to be a Habs fan.

Anonymous said...

I'm having Aebischer flash backs.

I'm not sure why but that was the first thing that crossed my mind.


RiRi said...

Fucking Lightning. Is there anything they won't take from us?

Oleg Petrov said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Habs' offer, whatever it was, would be something Ellis would take now if he could travel back in time. I suspect it was higher than 2 yrs/1.5 each. That's the risk of testing the market.

It's like when you have a girlfriend and it seems like every woman you meet is throwing herself at you, and then after you've broken up with your girlfriend you wonder if you've got the word "HERPES" tattooed across your forehead. At least, you wonder about it unless you know for a fact that it's true, that you got that tattoo during a road trip a few years ago when everyone thought it would be funny. Not so funny anymore. You've thought about trying to have a few strokes added to make the P look like an O with some lines radiating off it so that people will think you're just a huge fan of some prime-time X-Men knock-off show, but that would be almost more embarrassing.

So yeah. In other news, is "truculent" synonymous with "steadily declining point production over 5 years"?

the Maritimer said...

Anybody looking forward to the 2011NHL draft?

The Habs are looking like contenders for the #1 pick.

Number31 said...

Difference between Auld and Sanford: Auld is a less-injured Sanford.

moeman said...

Sanford stays! Time to pour the wine!

Oleg Petrov said...

All they need is Dan Cloutier to get a Canucks-reject-three-of-a-kind.

Mike Johnson doing commentary on TSN. Nice to see he found a job - always liked him.

Habsfan1993 said...

"Lingerie model will run naked if Paraguay wins World Cup"

Meh, I'll take the hot Russian spy they just nabbed.

HabsFan29 said...

boy it got quiet around here

Go You Fucking Als Go!

Number31 said...

So... Where did the 13th man go?

moeman said...

Gonna be weird seeing Mex wearing #11.

mr trivia said...

at least we're not the flames.

maybe hamrlik gets easier to trade with all these inflated D signings?

wv: any calgary fan will cryspu after hearing about today's signings.

L Dude said...

mr. t: good point about Hamr. In Calgary, everything old is new again, so....

my fellow maritimer: I actually think the habs look OK. Just missing that elusive top 6 big Canadian winger.
I think the fucking Bruins are looking pretty good for another top 3 pick actually.


Mrs LD has given me her blessings if I'm able to bag Larissa. DAMN my wonky eye! Oooooor, maybe she likes wonky eyes!

habsfan1993: You mean Sergei?

And now, back to regular scheduled Canada Day drinking. Cheers.

mr trivia said...

boyd signs 1 year deal with habs. 650,000$

HabsFan29 said...

hey 650k is a nice cheap deal. well done Goat for that i guess

Oleg Petrov said...

650k for Boyd - I guess that explains why they didn't sign him before today - I don't think you can sign someone with potential RFA status without giving them a minimum raise (30%), so they waited until he was a bona fide UFA where it's contractual Thunderdome (like they did with Kill-Grr a few years ago). But, to be honest, I don't really know what I'm talking about on that one.

Ronan said...

Every decent player the Leafs sign just makes the Broons' draft pick that much worse!

Now Pricey had better not fuck up, because former Ottawa goaltending coaches + Alex Auld = not cool

Mr. natural said...

I don't see any team having improved significantly, without the unknown of how their new additions "gel" and the overall effect on team spirit, as a general statement I think our boys will be OK and possibly better in 2 years, if we don't lose too much along the way.

Yes I cried myself to sleep about Halak (despite orangeman's long distance consoling and most excellent maniacal ranting)and question a few other moves but only time will tell, the cap has played havoc with all the teams rosters, however not having followed recent sports news to the same minute as some of you poor souls without real lives, I (shudder) didn't hear much about the Phucktards, except they re-signed Leighton, he wont last the season.

Anyway actually gotta work today but will be at the McAuslan brewery tonight, how sweet is that.

Will get the soccer updates up on the intertubes, GYFBG and GYFUG!

Still gotta get my phone back from that chick though....

C'est le Weekend!