Monday, July 06, 2009

Millio...Uh 200 Man March Won't Bring Kovy Back


I've seen more people protest bans on rottweilers in Westmount.

Kovy, ciao bella.

Minister Farrakhan claims 4 million people marched for Kovy at the Bell Centre yesterday.


L Dude said...

/nerd goes home and hangs Kovy jersey between Jonas Hoglund jersey and Patrick Poulin jersey.

Heh, my word is trispanic. As in the Habs new #1 line is tri-spanic.

moeman said...

Beauchemin a leaf.

Sonia said...

...and Kovalev's signed in Ottawa, per Team 990.

Boob Gainey said...


Beauchemin signed for 3 years at 10M.

That's less than Spacek.

Gainey fucked up big time.

Anonymous said...

Or, Beauchemin signed at a discount because he has a nice history with Burke. Why you gotta be so negative?

Boob Gainey said...

Hal Gill at $2M

Beauchemin at $3.3M

Which is the better deal do you think?

moeman said...

tsn says Beauchemin is 3 yrs @ 3.8M per.

Higgs signs with NYR.

Merci Kovy.

Anonymous said...

The $3.8 million (this according to TSN, so a better parallel is Spacek, with more points) for Beauchemin is more reflective of a real good deal for Burke than anything else. After all, everyone predicted the number to go at around 4 million, if not more.

James said...

There's also a possibility that Beauchemin waited too long and realized now that his options were dwindling... so signed for less than he could've had on July 1st... who knows.