Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Welcome Little Gionta!

Add Brain Gionta to the top line with Gomez and Calamari.

5 years, $25M.

According to Eklund (I know, I know), the Habs have about $7M* left to sign Pleks, Dagger, CHips and Tenderness, for the following roster:

Big Tits-Pleks-Little Tits/Dagger

Hamr-Jaro 2.0

Jaro 1.0

Doesn't seem like there is a lot of dough for Kovy or Tanguay or Saks or Lang. Doesn't look like a Cup winning roster, either.

*Editor's note: ok it's still me. I looked again and remembered why I'm not an accountant. It's more like $12M, so plenty of room to sign Kovy at $4.5 and maybe Lang for cheap. So how about this forward lineup:

Big Tits-Lang-Calamari


HabsFan29 said...

Panger we need to have meetings or something

I don't particularly like that line up now that i see it like that. hmmm

moeman said...

Trades coming?

South Shore Habs Fan said...

First thing that jumps out to me: Gionta and Markov are both 30; Hamr, Spacek, and Metro are all 35. Everyone else is under 30.

That's a helluva young roster.

WV: "bullys", I kid you not. Brian Burke's team goal?

Daniel Plainview said...

don't forget we also have a real coach now. not Cup winning but they should be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

SSHF: Hockey Clubs are hard, Fight Clubs are easy.

moeman said...

Doucharek, "toronto was the best fit".

Go fuck yourself you fucking douchebag.

Damion said...

huh: this looks like a complete rebuild. it appears martin's getting the team he wants. not sure how tanguay and kovy fit into this emerging picture (leaving aside whether there's even enough money for either of them), or whether they'd even want to.

Daniel Plainview said...


moeman said...

Maybe we won't be NJ's multi-game bitch next year.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ Anon
Oh, I know. The Leafs are going to be hilariously bad this year, especially if they trade away Kaberle.

@ Damion
Both Kovy and Tanguay can play D (I never thought I'd see Kovy on the PK, but he was brilliant at it), so I think they'd fit it just fine. I really hope we find room to sign both of them, but I'm not optimistic. I just want ONE of them, not some random outsider.

Man, if O'Byrne and Gill ever got angry...

Sonia said...

No Koivu = No heart & soul.

Who will be captain now, Sarah Palin's boy toy?

Fuck everyone who wanted Saku gone. Looks like they're getting their wish, bunch of fucking ingrates.

Anonymous said...

On something of a more lighthearted note, I've constructed a picture of what I'm pretty sure our first line will look like in action.

Gionta - Gomez - Calamari
(I think that's Koivu in the background as well, not sure how that happened)

Daniel Plainview said...

I agree about the whole Saku thing, I hope he goes to Anaheim and rips shit up with Selanne. I wish Babs would trade Plekanec somewhere and re-sign Saku for second line duties.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

So Gainey has said his work is done. Anyone else think he just picked names from a hat until he hit the cap (no pun intended), so he could enjoy the rest of his summer?

Captain? Yikes... I don't see any leadership on this team right now. Markov 'C', Laps, Hamr, Gorges, Gionta possible 'A's?

L Dude said...

I'll miss Saku too, but he's better off signing with a team with at least an outside chance at the cup the next couple of years.

If we trade zombieturtlePleks, which I hope we do, it best be for a large centre in return.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ L Dude
Or a good defenseman. Spacek and Hamr are both aging 2nd-pairing guys, and Gill is a pylon. It's "A Winger for Koivu" all over again - "A Non-Retarded Partner for Markie"

So apparently Kovy might be off to LA? If he's not here, I want him in the West, because fuck my life if we have to play against a line of Fedotenko-Malkin-Kovalev.

Anonymous said...

First line mk.2

Now with no Koivu and, no clear candidate for the C.

James said...

I really dislike that second lineup, mostly because it has Kovy in it.

Now if we re-signed Tanguay instead, and Koivu instead of Lang, that would be terrific. I'm sure Koivu can be had for around 2M for 4 years, or thereabouts. He's worth that money and he should stay in this organization. Fuck this new fashion of saying he should go play for a team that has a chance. That's BS. He should stay here and help this team win something. Finish (no pun intended) what you've started man.

I don't really like Pleks as a third center, because that position really isn't suited for him. Or he's not suited for it, whichever. Pleks will never be a defensive shutdown guy and it's pointless to try and make him one. He's an offensive guy that has the potential to turn into a Briere without the injuries. If he doesn't pan out as such, fine, throw him overboard. But don't try to convert him to something he's not.

The rest of those lines are fine, I guess... fuck that first line (officially named the GGC line, or the hispanic line) is small. And fast. It'll be either very exciting or very violent in a wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Instead of hispanic line, how about the border line? A bit of racism makes everything better!

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ Anon
+1 internets to you reporting that Kovy has signed for 2 years at 4.5/yr. I guess we have a captain for next year?

For all the talk of Kovy being inconsistent, the guy has scored over 20 goals in 12 of his 16 NHL seasons, and of his 4 off-seasons, 1 was shortened by lockout, and 1 by injury.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Nevermind, apparently that's been refuted.

I guess we'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for more excitement.

bond said...

it's team united nations!! at some point this season the following ethnics will all be on the ice together as the xenophobic pure langes gag........... gomez (spanish), gionta (italian), cammaleri (italian-jewish), sissy spacek (czech), markov (russian), and price (native-canadian).

gotta love it. now who will be the captain of this ship??

Shutdown said...

So what are the new nicknames?
Jaro 2.0 and Calamari.

What about Gionta, Gill and Gomez?

Boob Gainey said...

Why didn't they offer Tanguay 25M for 5 years instead of Gionta?

Doesn't make sense.

Unless Demers is right and Tanguay refused to play in the playoffs despite being fit.

Komi: I'm sure he went to TO because Burke is GM of the US Olympic Team.

lostinleafland said...

lots of changes,,but are we any better?
Lots of speed up front,,but we had that last year.
Lots of skill but still small..same as last year.
Marginal defense-same as last year.

Hal Gill,,believe me, he'll be booed out of Mtl by March,,he's big and he sucks.

Daniel Plainview said...

no way, Martin will have them all buying into the system. he made Lance Pitlick look good in Ottawa.

Boob Gainey said...

There is actually no money left to sign Kovy. There was 13M left before Gionta (who has not been that productive for the past two years).

This is not good.

On paper we are a fairly poor team, and have no cap space to improve in March.

Most importantly, we have no leadership and we are small.

Next year is going to suck.

Boob Gainey said...

So Sather, the worst GM in the world, exchanged Gomez for Gaborik, Higgins and two prospects.

Fuck me.

The Leafs on the other hand, are going to suck even more than last year! Who do they have?

Anonymous said...

Don't feel like arguing with pessimists again, so I'll suggest another name for our new first. How about the seafood line? It's either calamari, or shrimps.

kevincrumbs said...

This team'll be fine, folks.

ik said...

haha the seafood line sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling already?

What happened to all the shit talk coming from Leaf Land when Komosarek made the all star team?

Geoff said...

"Add Brain Gionta to the top line with Gomez and Calamari."

Why? Is he the brains of the operation?