Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Mediocrity for a Year

The mighty Turtlepleks will be here for another 365 days.

Salary: Too high.
Fashion Statement: Turtleneck's are out for now. Very big in the WKRP in Cincinnati days, then made popular in the world of hockey by Wayne Gretzky to make his skinny neck appear larger. Color me Badd used a colorful variation of the turtleneck in the 90s.
Are turtles cool? Yes. Do you watch Entourage?
Where will he play?: In Montreal, unfortunately.
No, I mean, on what line?: In Montreal, unfortunately.

Back to my retirement.


HabsFan29 said...

a whole year of zombie and Turtleneck jokes! yay!!!

or it's step 1 in his trip out of town

Olivier said...

I like Tom the Turtle. I hope he stays. With Tom the Bomb gone, who will we turn to for frenetic futility?

Gui! can be many shades of futile, but frenetic isn't one of them...

Montréaliste1 said...

They didn't go to arbitration; the tag is deceptive.

J.T. said...

Hey, 4, lay off my guy. Sure, he could have starred in the Thriller video last season, but better things are in store. The zombie will walk the ice and the NHL should live in fear. Or, at least he'll beat his 39 points from last year.

WV: (I kid you not) oldeform. I hope Pleks returns to his oldeform this year.

Damion said...

At first blush, it looks overinflated: a 50% raise for a 50% decrease in production and when the cap basically doesn't move.

But even based on his shitty production this year, he's still costing less than Micky Grubs ($2.9 -8 and 48 pts). Calgary's David Moss looks like a bargain for the same production at $1.3 (-5, 20 G and total 39 pts), but it begs the question, what if Pleks returns to numbers he posted the year before?

Two years ago he posted numbers close to Kreiji's ($3.75 for 22 and 73).

So, maybe the contract isn't so bad.

Number31 said...

Hail SuperZombieTurtlePleks! Hey, even he wasn't happy about his year, but c'mon, he's got a new coach and I think he might actually do better with an actual system instead of "Shoot da puck, Score da goal, Defend for 20 more minutes and hope someting good happens".

On a side note, it's very weird to see Kovy in a Sens uniform. It does not look right... We'll see if he comes back in two years eh.

L Dude said...

I gotta say. Saw Kovy on TSN being introduced to the Sens fan. He still seems a bit upset that 'something went wrong' in Montreal. But wouldn't pin the blame on his 'stroll in the park' pal, saying "Maybe I made a mistake", referring to the 'mix-up' on not getting back to BG before he gave that boatload of cash to Squid.

I just still have mixed feelings about his departure. Especially as they showed a bunch of hi-lites of him scoring from the left faceoff circle over the glove.
Hmmm, who else can I think of that is no good high glove? Nope, escapes me for now.

Good Night Cleveland!


South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ LD
I'd be upset, too. If Heatley stays with the Sens, who the fuck does Kovy play with? ZombieFisher?

WV: "huffer". heh.

kevincrumbs said...

Meh, $2.75 million... it's not my money. They can pay him what they want.

I guess I'm in the (slightly) optimistic Pleks will rebound camp. See? I didn't even use the Z-word for the first time in months when mentioning Pleks.

WV: Bowhect. As in Rick Bowness + Jochen Hecht = Bowhect.

Anonymous said...

A big bigoty, Bell Center, french-canadian, Boo!! to all of you plekanec-haters out there.

You are right. Let's get rid of him and play Lapierre or Metropolit as our second center. Makes a lot of sense to me.

The fact is that Pleks is young, fast, talented and wants to win really really badly. The fact is that he is a player much more like two years ago than last year. The fact is that every athlete has an off-year and that only Leafs GM throw out a good player after one of these. The fact is that Pleks' problem wasn't and will not be effort, but merely being caught with two enigmas as wingers. The fact is that talent + effort is rewarded in sport. The fact is that Pleks will play with a 39-goal scorer with Calgary, and please don't tell me Iginla racks up the assists in this game. The fact is that Plekanec is going to have a good year that will shut the whole lot of you up.

That and there is no such thing as a spare top 2 center out there, so stop thinking that when yours doesn't perform to your liking, all you have to do is to dump him somewhere and convince someone to send you one of their top 2 centers.

People talk of Mike Richards, people talk of Eric Staal, people talk of Vinnie Lecavalier. People are dumb or hysterical.

Here's what an imaginary conversation between Bob Gainey and one of those centers' GM would sound like, in an imaginary world where Bog Gainey is pathetic enough to try to talk someone into sending him their good centers.

"Hi, such-and-such?. I'd really like to have Mike Richards/Eric Staal/Lecavalier on my team."

"So do I. Wait. I do have him on my team. Never mind, goodbye."

Stop hating on Plekanec. You're stuck with him, he's cool and he wants to win. Plus he can score, pass and take face-offs.

Reality check people. Gainey ain't playing Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey with a bunch of hapless work collegues.

That and Jacques Martin, who's been in the NHL in a hockey management position, before the press conference where he accepted to coach the Habs, didn't bother to learn the name of the "other goalie" we have. So much for a Halak/Pleks trade. You'd get,
like, Tie Domi.

Look at your team in the eye, people. It's good. It's ok. We're not signing Malkin and we're not getting Kovalchuk.

But we're ok.