Friday, July 17, 2009

TMS Allô Police: Knuckles Nilan Arrested

Chalk this one up to monumental stupidity. We really don't know why former Hab Chris Nilan would feel the need to steal a bathing suit from a store in a mall. Oh wait, we do know, because he told police:

"I just wanted to save a few bucks"

In this economy, can you blame him? But our old enforcer couldn't just accept responsibility and pay a fine or return the suit. He had to mix it up:

Police said Nilan struggled with store security officers who followed him out of the store.

Of course he did. Those security guards were taking cheap shots at the bathing suit in front of the net! But our favourite part of the whole story is this tidbit from the article:

Police said Nilan threw a punch at one of the guards, but missed.

The amount of irony in that statement is blowing our mind on this Sexy Friday. Have a good one.

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Boob Gainey said...

"Former Bruin ..."

moeman said...

"graduated from Catholic Memorial High School..."

Also, Nilan apparently stole some Tony Bahamas, that's gotta be a phonetic mouthful with a Beantown accent.

L Dude said...

Is it just me, or does that zombie t-shirt model not look a whole freakishly lot like Breezer



Anonymous said...

Wow... how many days in a row are you guys gonna simply copy the story off HabsInsideOut??

Once again, the exact same stories, and video...

Unless they're copying FHF ;)

Habsfan10 said...

@ Anon:

Look when HF29 posts his stuff ... Boone reads TMS first thing in the morning and then cuts and pastes.

moeman said...

Hey Habs i/o, I dare you to copy this.

WV = lipid, as in Megan's lip id sexy.

Boob Gainey said...

H I/O:

posted by Mike Boone at 6h32 EST on Jul 17


Posted by HabsFan29 at 6:00 AM 6

Anonymous said...

WTF....The ammo I am getting to go after my Hab friends is unbelievable. Lafleur, big and little tits, Kostopolous and O'Byrne Gainey signing the whole midget cast of the Wizard of Oz. We may be bad but we're not criminals.

Rob said...

Um boys, Nilan's legal troubles are great, but WHERE IS SEXY FRIDAY

Please and thank you

Jaredoflondon said...

Funny how the Nilan thing is interpreted differently, I instantly thought of him as "Former Montreal Canadien"