Friday, July 03, 2009

The Morning Skate for Friday, July 3rd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of a naked Bar Rafaeli video (no seriously, click on it, it's a naked Bar Rafaeli video. Greatest. Sexy Friday. Ever.)...
  • We're starting to think Dany Heatley may have to slink back into the Ottawa dressing room;
  • Hockey Canada unveils its invitees to Team Canada training camp for the Olympics. Notably absent are Spezza, Osgood, and Stamkos. Notably present is Lucic;
  • El Dandy is waiting patiently for a Bob phone call. Actual quote from the article: 'I have my cell on me!"
If you're still trying to decide nicknames for the new guys on this Friday, make sure they're sexy. I hereby name Hal Gill Big Wood.


Number31 said...

My friend and I think Dany Heatley should remain in Ottawa and be sent to the pressbox the whole year, placed on "IR", call up Zubov or something until he can get off his high horse. Else send him to Binghamton. (Oi.. they now have Mike Brodeur.. He's better than Martin Brodeur.. No relation too).

WTF is Lucic doing on the Olympic roster? He wouldn't last 5 minutes in Olympic Hockey rules. Are they trying to throw the game?

L Dude said...

Lucic is on the list and Marc Savard isn't? Good. It'll make for bitter feelings in the B's locker room. Savard with his pouting and "I hate you" glances and Lucic, being of the primate family and learning from his gorilla mentor Chara, beating his chest saying "Me good. Me strong. Me on Olymprock team!" It'll be a team divided for sure.

Damion said...

I'm still seething at Komo. The Gazoo thinks Komo did nothing wrong. My ire increases (memo to self: stop reading the Gazoo).

But, seriously, he gets an offer from the Habs, then the self-professed center of the universe offers him only $500k more per year (yes, $500 would be a lot to me, but in this game, the Habs' and Leafs' offers were about as close as it comes), and Komo signs on the dotted line without ever going back to the Habs to see if they'll match it?! Komo wanted to leave in a hurry. And that stings. Hopefully not as much as the pounding he will rightly receive when the teams meet.

Robert L said...

Nickname for Gionta = Anchovy
NN for Camma = Pepperoni
NN for Gomez on a bad night = Siesta

habsdoc said...

My son (a HUGE Pens fan) and I have called Gill "Diesel Train" for the past few years...have you seen him skate??

Habsfan10 said...

I have to go with the Pensblog on this one ... I think USS Hal Gill has a certain ring to it. Big, immobile, takes an hour to turn, it all fits.

I don't remember who suggested it in the flurry of comments over the past few days, but "The Borderline" cracks me up as a name for the new mighty mites. There's only one Smurf line, people, and Oleg Petrov isn't walking through that door.

WV: dully. Never a dully moment with Bob at the wheel.

Moey said...

This is non hockey related, but I've tried a few times to upload videos to my blog, it takes forever and I usually give up. Is that normal? If anyone can help.....

WV - crusp, as in I'm on the crusp of a nervous breakdown over Saku's departure.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Big Wood is good too, though.

Tall as a tree and skates like one too!

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

By the way, which one of you is this:

eyebleaf said...

KOMIKAZI!!!!1 You guys thought just playing against Grabovski was bad.

Wait until Exelby and KomiKAZI run over all the Habs' midget forwards...lolololol

And that video that Cornelius linked to guys stay classy.

On a happy note, thank you thank you thank you for that Bar Rafaeli video. Gigg-it-y.

Habsfan10 said...

@ eyebeleaf:

" And that video that Cornelius linked to above... you random idiot fans that every fan base has in spades stay classy."


By the way, you'll love Komisarek, unless you look through the PPP archives for all the comments about him being a cheapshot pussy douchebag who never fights. Or until the Lucic and the Bruins fuck with his head again. I think PPP has the youtube.

(PS - Komisarek hated Grabovski too, so that might make for a fun dressing room. Good luck!)

fleuryislove said...

Here's the second vote for USS Hal Gill, it really does cover it all.
Besides I really just want to be his friend, he looks like he have his buddy's back.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


So it's "The Lucic" now? I like that.

Boob Gainey said...


I admit the Leafs future looks bright.

You're just six top 6 forwards, two top-2 defencemen, and one top goalie away from contention.

phd9153 said...

Gionta : GIANT
Gomez : Zorro
Camalleri: MIKEY
Spacek: Space

Habsfan10 said...

@ Cornelius:

"So it's "The Lucic" now? I like that."

Sure. The Lucic, like The Abominable Snowman, The Beast of Gévaudan, The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp . Big, ugly, almost-humanoid freaks all.

eyebleaf said...

@ HF10: Totally agree with you. I've had great experience up in Montreal. You guys are for the most part very classy. I certainly don't think that douchebags who burn Komisarek t-shirts and record the process on YouTube speak for all of you. Y'all are good people. That's why I read this blog.

As for Komi, I hated him when the Leafs played against him. I think that's the best compliment you can give a hockey player. He reminds me of Darcy Tucker. I think we'll enjoy his cheap shots and rampant douchebaggery now that he's wearing the right colours.

Also: I have LUCIC LUST. Kid is sick. Fucking bastard Bruins are lucky to have him.

Needless to say, Leafs/Habs games this season are going to be a lot of fun to watch. Looking forward to the all the trash-talking, already.

eyebleaf said...

@ Boob: Our bullshit top 6 forwards did a better job of lighting the lamp than yours last year. Cammalleri, Gionta, and Gomez, the midgets, aren't going to change that.

And Carey Price? He's kind of shit. Toskala will rise again.

Oh, and KOMISAREK!!!!!11

$50 the Leafs finish higher than the Habs this season. OK, fine, let's make it $10. Holla.

Boob Gainey said...


If the Leafs finish higher than the Habs that will mean we get to pick first in the draft.

Enjoy Komi's headless chicken moves whenever the opposing team forechecks.

eyebleaf said...

So, do we have a bet?

I take paypal.

Joe said...

Since he's in Canada, maybe it should be the HMCS Hal Gill...

kevincrumbs said...

@phd9153: Really? Mikey for Cammalleri is the best you can do?

I still vote for Squid. Brilliant nickname.

HabsFan29 said...

oh there's no question Squid it is. though it's still not sexy enough.

and Joe is right - now that he's in Canada, USS Hal Gill becomes HMCS Hal Gill. Though I still like Big Wood

moeman said...

Bring Kovy back online petition

(I know they are useless ...)

HabsFan29 said...

@moeman - i signed, but like i commented, what we really need is a petition to bring Koivu back

moeman said...

Hopefully Saku's (agent's) demands are too rich for the other 27 teams (Bs and leaf can go fuck themselves) and #11 finds his way back home. Otherwise it might be nice to see him play with Teemu during his (officially) last season.

Ian Vitro said...

Can I sign my name as a -1 for bring Kovy back? Or is it like politics where you can only vote for and not against something?

too close to toronto said...

@29 - here you go:

that's where you'll find my "signature".

HabsFan29 said...

@tctt - gracias! now we're getting somewhere

Sonia said...

Yes! God bless you, tctt!

Anonymous said...

@Ian Vitro +1 / golf clap

i also vote AGAINST a kovy return

too close to toronto said...

aw shucks, y'all is gonna make me blush.

although in the interest of full disclosure, i cannot take credit for the petition. i didn't put it up; i just posted the link.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

You don't burn a Habs sweater, no matter whose name in on the back. Just... no.

I... wouldn't mind if Kovy comes back, but I'd prefer a decent defenseman (preferably Beauchemin, will settle for Dandenault or Vaananen). I'd feel bad if we brought Koivu back after officially letting him go - it'd be a pity move for a guy that needs none. He'd fade into the scenery behind the new guns, and we've managed to lose every single friend he ever had on this team (Higgins, Rivet, etc). Let him go, and hope that he signs with a West team that we play this year so we can see him once to give him the standing O he so richly deserves.

Gionta - BFG (for Brian Fucking Gionta, of course)

Anonymous said...

@SSHF: Amen. Shit is expensive.

And, obviously, Gionta and Gomez are Frodo and Sam. Refer to this if you have any questions.

Hadulf said...

I would sign El Dandy, he would cost even less than last year and he's very dependable, fast and has a overall good game...

Note : How many Canadiens (from last year's edition) can name who played a shift with a broken arm in 3 locations? Exaclty.

The fact that he REFUSED an offer from Boston is the best out of this story. Sign the guy, just for that!!!

Sonia said...

I don't think that bringing Koivu back would be a pity move at all. It's not like no one else wants him - he has several offers on the table - and it's not like the team can't use him (I mean, we really don't know what gender Plecks will be next season).

Even in a reduced role, it would allow him to finish his career gracefully and on his own terms, instead of being "thanked". And it would make Réjean Tremblay foam at the mouth and run screaming to throw himself off the Jacques Cartier bridge.

So I really see no downside.

too close to toronto said...

ask trevor linden if he minded going back to vancouver, to "fade into the scenery behind the new guns". my guess is he would say that he didn't mind at all.

Boob Gainey said...

Koivu wants 4 years.

Forget sentiment. He was already slowing down last year.

I just hope he doesn't get booed when he comes back.

James said...

I also vote against the return of Kovy.

And I also signed the petition to bring back Koivu, no hesitation.
Doesn't matter if he's asking for 4 years. In fact, it's even better - I would even go so far as to give him a 5 year deal worth 11,5M (2,3M per).
It makes for a decently low cap hit and ensures he finishes his career here at a decent price.

Then run a first line and 2 second lines (until Pleks recovers or is jettisoned like Higgins was). Saku can play very good defense and still has a good offensive touch, which would give us 3 half-decent offensive lines.

Paying between 2 and 2,5M for a very good third line center is not outrageous, so I don't see why we can't do it.

Tom said...

I've been away from this site all day, so I'm just getting a chance to respond.

@Number31 (the very first post): Heatley can't be sent to the minors. He has a no-movement clause, as opposed to a no-trade clause. And if they keep him in the press box, he'll still get his cash.

And if they suspend, it should still count against the cap (if not, the Flyers could suspend half their team when they need to make a move to free up cap space).

Number31 said...

OK whoever burned Komisaurus' shirt is a douche.

Hell yes to the HMCS Hal Gill. We usually buy US Army surplus and rebrand them anyway, right?
Cammalleri = CALAMARI
Gionta = BFG does it for me
Gomez = The Man (Apparently that's what Gomez means. Well something like that)
Spacek = Jaro #2

Shutdown said...

Spacek = Jaro 2.0 (New and improved, now with grammar skills)
Gill = Big Wood, and I will have it no other way.

Camalleri = Squid
Gionta = Little Italy
Gomez = El Luchador

Olivier said...

I am all for nicknames, but this being Montre/éal, we need bilingual big names!

Big Wood or Big Love? Either one is fine with me as for Gill. An apt french translation would be "Obélix" Obélix beats everything else to me, but hey, Big Wood is nice too.

I can't understand how anyone can think of anything but squid for Camalleri. Squid it is, Squid it will be. Plus, the french word for squid is "Calamar/Calmar", and we all know Benoît will mostly rechristen Camallari "Callamari" before the end of the first period of the first game anyway... Plus, Squid sounds cool.

I am partial to Little italy, but in french, it comes out as a feminine tense. Or you just fudge the rules and call him "le ptit italie", which has a certain ring to it. Still,we all know it will be Gio, so why kid ourselves? Astérix? Bah.

Gomez? Well, I'm an ignoramus, so to me Mexican reminds me of "El Mariachi", which brings back "Cabron'. But I think it's an insult, sooooo.... Otherwise, he was born in Alaska, so... Trig? Palin? Pipeline? Big Oil? Beats me, really... I first tought of "L'Épervier", wich translates to "sparrowhawk" accroding to wikipedia. Hmmm...

Spacek? Spade, of course. In french? Herm... "L'As de Pique"? Sounds corny... So Jaro 2.0 I guess...

nu said...

late to the nickname party, but the only thing about 'HMCS' is that...Hal IS American. (which is why "USS Hal Gill" worked so well.) I don't believe they'd let him in the Forces. So it's just a touch awkward. (Not as awkward as Hal, but still.)

I have faith you'll think of something, but if you need help, his full name is 'Harold Priestley Gill III".

wv: susio. Phil Collins?