Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ex-Habs Great Trevor Linden Announces Retirement

Former Habs great Trevor Linden will announce his retirement today according to TSN. In 107 glorious games with the Habs, the talented and classy center amassed 63 points and helped lead the Habs to the playoffs zero times. He will be remembered for his solid two-way play, grit, determination, and frequent injuries.

We really don't know why he's standing in front of those Canuck logos in the above photo.


Habsfan10 said...

Holy fuck ... I just checked his career transactions, and the Islanders sent Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe and the pick that turned into Jarko Ruutu for Linden, then turned around and sent him to the Habs a year later for Branislav Mezei. The lesson, as always:

Mike Milbury was the worst GM in the history of sports.

Araev16 said...

Don't forget he has traded away Spezza, Chara, Luongo, Jokinen, to name a few.

He sucks as a broadcaster too, so all in all, I'd say he sucks at life.

moeman said...

In a word, Linden to me is , meh.

msevigny said...

Poor Trevor. He's joining the pantheon of Vancouver hockey greats who never got the glory they deserved outside of British Columbia, like Stan Smyl, or Harold Snepsts' moustache, or Jim Sandlak.

Now, on top of their overmatched captain, their fired-any-minute-now coach, their utter lack of farm depth, and the future of their defense getting himself killed (which of course is a much bigger tragedy on its own merits, but it's a big blow to the team as well), the soul of the Canucks is gone. Kind of puts the Habs' problems in perspective.

At least there's always the Lions, easily Canada's seventh most popular football team (suck it, Argos fans).

Anonymous said...

Milbury also could have kept Luongo, and drafted Heatley instead of going for Ricky "Tiny Tim" Dipietro.

Born loser that Milbury

Doogie said...

He sucks as a broadcaster too, so all in all, I'd say he sucks at life.

As long as we have the shoe-beating YouTube, there will always be one check-mark in the "Plus" column for Mike Milbury.