Monday, June 30, 2008

TMS Reports on UFA Eve Live from Sweden

This is Elin Nordegren, a.k.a. Tiger Woods' wife. It would be quite easy to dream of her while missing these bullet points about possible Sundin-related items...
  • "Mats Sundin in no rush to decide his playing future." There's a quality lame excuse to post a hot Swedish chick of a TSN headline;
  • Lightning sign Ryan Malone and Gary Roberts away from the Pens. Sure, you need some players, but 7 years $31.5 mill for Malone? Does the NHL have a salary cap or no?
  • Speaking of $$$, 5 mill per year for Jeff Carter???
  • TMS would like to take a moment to say goodbye to Michael Ryder. We still don't know which female relative of Carbo you slept with to piss him off so, but we always liked you, even when we called you Milk Carton Mike.

Just 20-something hours left til the frenzy begins. Stay tuned to FHF for all the breaking news from Sweden.

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moeman said...

No wonder Tiger has sore knees.