Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Goaltending Gods Finally Have Their Revenge

John Tortorella, pictured, is out as Tampa coach. Or maybe he just looks like that to goaltenders.

Johnny goalie killer will hopefully take his anger, frustration and bitterness out on the person who really deserves it: Tampa GM Jay Feaster. Of course, the 29 other GM's would disagree, as Jay-bird laid out a road map for his colleagues on what NOT to do in the New NHL.

  • Overpay for three players and fill out the rest of the roster with minor leaguers and overpaid vets: check.
  • Ensure that none of those players includes an NHL calibre goalie: check.
  • Trade one of your team's 4 top-6 players for a 2nd rate goalie who you will later assign to the minors while taking another huge cap hit: check.
  • Miss the playoffs a mere four years after winning the Cup: check.

That being said, I'm sure John Grahame is bent over laughing in Omsk. Good riddance, Johnny goalie killer, and may you spend eternity in the afterlife playing goal without a facemask - or jock.


msevigny said...

I hear Toronto's looking for a coach. Don't pack your bags yet, Ron!

HabsFan29 said...

best cartoony graphic we've ever had around here

gotta love Panger sticking up for the goalies...

Habsfan10 said...

This probably needs to be balanced out by a non-goalie view:

Nope, looks like Panger nailed it. Tortarella's a jackass and Feater's a moron.

baroque said...

But Toskala is a pretty good to excellent goaltender.

Doesn't Ottawa need a hard-ass coach to toughen up the team?

Tortorella vs. Ray Emery.