Friday, June 27, 2008

TMS Tribute: Goodbye William F. Leitch

Yes, we know we wrote about it when he announced it, but we must acknowledge that today is Will Leitch's last day at Deadspin. We have said it a million times, but there would be no FHF without DS. There would be no sports blogosphere as we know it without Will Leitch.

Yesterday the blogosphere turned out to roast / pay tribute to Leitch on DS. We really enjoyed Bill Simmons' piece and the KSK guys. We think they are all worth a read, and they show what he meant to all of us who write sports blogs from our moms' basements. Or those of us who just need to waste time at work.

For the last time, Will, God speed, and good luck. Go Cards. Go Buzzsaw. The T-Shirt on the right says it all.

/dick joke


Habsfan10 said...


Free4Life said...

Is he from Sweden?
I don't find him that hot...

Habsfan10 said...

I think he's the lead singer of the Hives or something. I had no idea he was dead.

Anonymous said...

Thank whatever god you like, there are still smart and decent kids like all of you out there.

All colours and countries too.

Humans not lost yet, but it's overtime and our goalie's kinda playing crap.

So tighten the D and hit harder.

Don't lie, ever.

Cheers guys and gals