Monday, June 16, 2008

Habs Soon to be Awash in Old Overpriced Finns

As seems to happen every off-season, Saku Koivu is once again trying to convince his pal Teemu Selanne to sign with the Habs. In case you don't read the French that link goes to, I will translate:

Teemu Selanne is a 104 year-old winger who set the rookie goal-scoring record playing for a team that today's NHL fan will swear doesn't exist.

The main stumbling block to any deal seems to be Bob Gainey's insistence Selanne actually play more than a quarter of the season.


prairiegirlwarriorpoet said...

Oh, it existed. You can still hear echoes of "Go Jets Go" at every event in town, I swear I heard it at the Maiden concert last week.

Sonia said...

Selanne: 23 points in 26 games last season.
Ryder: 31 points in 70 games.

I'll take a 104-year-old Selanne on my team a-ny day!

Topham said...

First, he has no price yet, he's just old for the moment.

I suppose we are awash with other Finns in the form of Koivu – who earns his salary in Aprils not Octobers.

Having someone Saku doesn't have to teach to skate might be nice for him too. It's been a while.

Bryan said...

we have enough youth. inserting some vets would be good. especially since bobbo is going to do the right thing and say goodbye to smoke and breezer

bob said...

In place of Ryder on Koivu's right side, if the price is not to high why not.

Then again, where would little Tit end up.

3 days till the draft and 2 weeks before free agent season ... is Bob back from holidays yet ?

Anonymous said...

Forget it! We already have a #8.