Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Babe With a Tenuous Relationship to Hockey of the Day

This, for those of you living under a rock since the mid-90's, is University of Kentucky alum/sometime actress/race car driver wife Ashley Judd. She posed for the schedule/calendar of the University of Kentucky Hockey Club back in her heyday. Random other C and D-List celebs have done the same, including a disgraced Miss America. While we can't say we approve of the UK hockey team's jersey choices, on a muggy summer day when very little actual hockey news we care about is happening ... (Ron Wilson? Wake me when you get John Brophy back behind the bench!) we salute their "let's get hot chicks to pose in our sweater" philosophy.

Plus, it beats trying to figure out a draft preview. What are we picking, 25th?


lawyergirl77 said...

What's up guys? Not one lame comment about the fact that the CBC coughed up a big one and that now CTV/Bell Globemedia have the rights to the HNIC theme?

Personally, I find it hilarious... And i am very much looking forward to hearing the theme that is one of my biggest music guilty pleasures on a hockey broadcast that is actually worth watching!! (I hear that RDS is going to be allowed to use it too)

HabsFan29 said...

LG I thought about writing that story but Ashley Judd takes priority. we know our prison readership ;)

but fuck, i totally agree that HNIC snafu cracked me up. and to hear it on RDS is going to be really cool

Habsfan10 said...

LG, it's a great addition to the CBC as fuck-ups pantheon, and the fact that Canada AM was cranking that song most of the morning was very funny. Looks good on the stupid mothercorps ... but I thought we'd wasted enough ink on the CBC and not enough on hot babes in hockey jerseys!

Can't wait to hear RDS playing the song though.

Dennis said...

Pretty sure Ashley Judd wouldn't date Alex Ovechkin.

fezworth said...

It's an interesting quandry for the CBC. They have a budget, that I'm sure didn't include shelling out 3 million bucks (which probably couldn't be amortized in perpetuity, it'd have to be accounted for this year). Being a public corporation, they can't be quite as aggressive with throwing the money around.

At the same time, they compete for advertising revenue with the likes of CTV. So that deal should have been a no-brainer for them, shouldn't it?

I almost think that the CBC should go to the ad-less model of the BBC. Sure, we'd probably have to pay some sort of tv licence fee (like the brits do), but then at least the CBC wouldn't be in direct competition anymore.