Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Getting Drafty in FHF Headquarters

It's NHL draft day, the day every team has hope, and every shot of a top prospect in the stands holds the possibility of a glimpse of a hot girlfriend, sister or mom. Draft days can be totally predictable, unpredictable, glorious, or downright painful, but there are certain things you can take to the bank this year, summarized in this handy, totally random list of an entirely coincidental number:

Ten Things You Can Bank On Happening at the Draft:

Steven Stamkos is going to get picked first, either by Tampa (ya think?) or whomever pays them the ransom they would want to trade out (Ottawa? Columbus? St. Louis? Pittsburgh?)

Wildcard Nikita Filitov (hands like Kovalev, wheels like Bure, head like ... ?) will go anywhere from 2nd to 20th. Look for someone (Toronto?) to try and jump up a few spots to get him for sure.

There will be a massive run on defenseman, everything from offensive whizzes (Doughty, Del Zotto, Pieterangelo) to defensive stoppers (Schenn) to monster projects (Myers).

Gainey and Timmins will swerve all of us by passing on everyone's "they'll take the top-rated Quebecer" choice Nicolas Deschamps to nab a high-school defenceman from Minnesota or Wisconsin. Seriously, why does every "expert" have the Canadiens automatically snagging the French kid? Wasn't the Angelo Esposito thing just last year?

There will be at least one trade that makes the Ottawa crowd go "OOOOOOOOHHHH!!" and three dozen "Calgary trades the 38th and 64th picks in 2008 to Carolina for a 2nd round pick in 2009 and the rights to Bret Hedican" type deals as the GMs get bored.

Some poor kid will sit there for two days with his Mom, Dad, sister, brother, girlfriend, and ailing Grandpa and not get picked.

Detroit will pick some Euro no one has ever heard of, and he'll win the Conn Smythe in 2014.

Pierre Maguire will LOVE at least ten guys in the first round. "Gonna be a MONSTER for New Jersey!"

Some Eastern European will slap on his new cap without bending the bill and will look like a doofus.

We will spend 75% of our draft viewing hoping to find the new Kyle Turris' Mom.


HabsFan29 said...

11. my head will explode if i watch more than one round

be sure to check out the Seen Stamkos dancers!!

moeman said...

12. We will admire the hotness of some of the draftee's girlfriends, then realize they aren't even 18, yet. We will continue to gawk.

PPP said...

13. We will be stunned at the move to bring Mats Sundin to Montreal

Habsfan10 said...

14. We will debate endlessly the merits of adding a player like Sundin to greatly increase the chances of winning a Cup versus possibly restocking the Leafs with 1st rounders and excellent prospects.

To be settled only by the number of Cups won after the contract is up?

PPP said...

To be settled only by the number of Cups won after the contract is up?

14(a) "The contract" refers to the contracts of all assets that are given to Toronto in exchange for Mats Sundin's tenure in Montreal.

But yeah, it'll be a long-range argument unless those picks get flipped back for Michael Ryder.

Habsfan10 said...

I'll give you Ryder for Sundin right now. Eliminate all the middle men.

lawyergirl77 said...

I'll give you Ryder for a bag of pucks right now... :-)

I love this city - I've gotten about a dozen emails in my inbox since about 4:00 this PM.

Two are about the BCE decision at the Supreme Court (they won, for those of you who didn't hear about it/care)

The others are from people flipping out about the potential Sundin trade.

Shows where our priorities lie, eh??

lawyergirl77 said...

^^ Should be a dozen non-work related emails... the total for the hour is actually in the low 30's. (Stupid injunctions served right before a long weekend, presentable on Monday!! grrr...)