Tuesday, June 03, 2008

TMS Reports - Nation Sleepy, Jay Leno Asks "What the Fuck Happened to My Show?"

Peter Sykora scored sometime in the middle of the night last night to give the Pens a 4-3 (3OT) victory that kept the octupi at bay for one more game. The Wings had the Cup in their grasp with about 30 seconds to go in regulation, but Max Talbot was able to bang home a game tying goal past Chris "there goes my Conn Smythe" Osgood. Marc-André Fleury was the real story, stopping 55 of 58 shots including several (obviously) game-savers throughout the OT's. TMS only assumes they were game-savers, it was way past his bedtime.

Is the hockey season over yet? Habs need to sign a big UFA.


Sal Paradise said...

I hope it goes seven...I know it's June, but I don't want to let go of hockey just yet.

panger76 said...

Great freaking game, too bad I was on the ice for the winning goal.

(And by "ice" I mean in Calgary for my beer league game.)

HF29, I used to have a problem with your pessimism, but no I see that you're just a jinx. That shot of Hasek with the Cup is gonna be really funny when MA Fleury is lifting on Saturday night!

Flying Toaster said...

Pitty for Stanley!

Jeff J said...

Gawd, Leno looks disgusting. Stock tip of the day: buy whoever distributes collagen and botox in SoCal. HDTV will cause a market boom.