Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Draft Day from TMS

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of going number one...
  • Bob Gainey had a press conference yesterday. He's looking to trade for an impact forward, and hopes to sign Big Tits. Yawn. Have a press conference when you actually do something, Bob;
  • We're still hoping to give you some kind of FHF draft preview, but of course time is getting thin. In the meantime, enjoy the boys from MYFO who did a preview on Deadspin with all the wit and dick jokes you've come to expect.

Depending on our drunkenness level, we'll be live-ish blogging the draft tonight with strippers and meth. Our focus will be on finding this year's version of Kyle Turris' mom, so pop in with your dirty comments.


orangeman said...

Randomly checking up on you tonight.

I don't care about the draft from a Habs-centric point of view. I don't spend my time scouting the minors beyond the 5th or so pick, so whatever. I try to see what these guys do in the AHL and judge based on that.

As for the Habbies picking someone up, we'll see. I lost my confidence in Bobby with the Huet trade. I didn't think Price was ready for that kind of pressure. He did well, but I think he could have done better next year being the starter from the beginning of the season into the playoffs.

Anyway, I miss hockey. I play ball hockey, use my PS2 and imagine it durring work, but it's not enough.

Summer is fun, too. I guess. Pass the meth.

HabsFan29 said...

orangeman we only care about the draft from the MILF-centric point of view