Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fire Up Your iPods: HNIC Song Won't Remain the Same

First they changed the logo, now this!

The Toronto Star is reporting that in its infinite wisdom, the CBC has decided not to renew their licensing agreement with the composer/owners of the most famous theme song in the country, meaning next year Hockey Night in Canada viewers will not start their Saturday nights with the awesomeness of what the composer calls "Canada's second national anthem." (In university I thought that was "New Orleans is Sinking" ... but what do I know.)

Sad, really that the CBC ruins a great month for them (exciting finals, ridding themselves of doddering old men, etc) by nickel and diming their way out of the song we all grew up with. I suppose they needed the cash for more Air Farce reunion specials and clever gags perpetrated against French people. That sleepy policeman gets me every time!

Ah, fuck it. What do Habs fans care? We're all watching RDS.


Habsfan1993 said...

The CBC is so full of shit, it's a wonder they don't suffer some sort of toxic shock. Saturday nights involved me watching the opening of HNIC, and immediately switching over to whatever god-awful craptastic network was showing the Habs on center-ice (NOT RDS--the idiot bozos running Center Ice can't be bothered to put a superior product on the air; instead they like pandering to the 3 Carolina fans watching and how they would be unable to deal with watching in another language).

So I guess I'll just skip the HNIC completely, though I like tuning in between periods to see what asinine things Grapes will say.
I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I have to listen to idiot asshole announcers like Taylor, Potvin, etc instead of RDS, and I choose to listen to Grapes' senile rants.

HabsFan29 said...

C'mon 10, everyone knows it was "Blow at High Dough" that was the second national anthem

the article says the rights for each broadcast are 500 bucks. for fuck's sake, that's the price of one Cassie Campbell lipstick application

moeman said...

The cbc/hnic will probably pick some pukish nickleback tune (I know they'rell all pukish).

Also, I'd kiss Cassie.

Habsfan10 said...

Anyone who says they wouldn't kiss Cassie is a liar. But still no excuse for axing the theme song.

Bryan said...

just as i had gained a tiny shred of respect back for them for ditching bob "one minute fans, i'll be right with you as soon as i figure out the name of the player who has the puck" cole, they go and do this. fuck cbc. i'm never supporting them again.

Habsfan1993 said...

Cassie Campbell can apply her lipstick anywhere she likes as far as I'm concerned. I once made eye contact with her at a game in Washington. I was wearing a Habs hat.

Anonymous said...

Don't we pay for part of the CBC with taxes? How come no one asked us if we wanted to keep the song or not?