Saturday, June 23, 2007

1st Annual PVR'ed NHL Entry Draft Running Diary PART ONE: Pre-draft coverage

OK so it looks like HF29 and I had similar ideas, which is probably a good thing. So here it is, a running diary of the highlights of the NHL Enrty Draft that I skipped though via God's Gift to Couchpotatoes, PVR. Unlike HF29, I in fact do have a life and something to do on Friday night OK truthfully it was a work golf tournament, and I hate golf. I would have much rather watched the drft live, but alas, the blog doesn't pay the bills!

(BTW, in case it wasn't clear, HF 29 = Habs Fan29, but that's too long to write out every time I have to correct his mistakes.)

TSN intro, compulsory parents/highlights montage. Oh HF29, I agree with your MILF assessment on Mrs. Turris.Can't wait to check out the hot girlfriends when they show the players in the crowd being picked. What are the odds on AE having a harem with him?

OK a couple of trades: Vokoun to FLA for picks? Damn, Balls-sillie is trying to gut the Preds to ensure we can exercise that escape clause in the lease (while its fortuitous for us here at FHF, it sucks for hockey that there is no way to go through an event like this and not talk legalese!). I give the edge to FLA considering they give up essentially what it took to get Roloson: for the 17th pick. Meanwhile, the Panthers give up a#58 (2nd Round) this year, a conditional 2nd rounder next year plus a 1st Rounder next year, which they are getting will be in the low to mid 20s - while the Preds obviously hope for a top-15 pick. Presumably that conditional 2nd pick depends when in the 1st rounder falls. An extra 2nd rounder (or even 2) is more than worth the difference between Vokoun and Roloson.

Clearly Jacques Martin is turning this into his type of team: built on solid defence, and that starts in net. Plus Vokoun is the best goalie Martin has had (besides Luongo, who he only had for a season).
**Cats take Keaton Ellerby with their first pick, so more defence for Martin.

Vesa "Vesy" Toskala and Mark "Ma" Bell to the Laughs for picks. And no wonder the Laughs are so old. But they do get quality, underrated and not ancient players in return. Toskala is young in goalie years (30) and is a huge upgrade in nets, no matter the "goalie tandem" talk from JFJ. Raycroft sucks, and I and other Habs fans constantly remind him whenever Raycraft is in our building. And I like Bell a lot, I think he'll be useful, and therefore an upgrade, on one of Sundin's wings.

Breaking News: I think Bobby MacKenzie is going to have an orgasm (not over the content, but that he gets to break the news): Balls-sillie is out as Preds owner. Oh SNAP: Leopold says he is waiting for a "binding agreement", which is law-smith speak for "pony up the dough or I'm going to K.C."

OK part 2: the 1st pick thru #7

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