Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Habs, Soccer...and Strippers, but Who's on First?

In that order of affection, yes.

I have never watched a Habs game at a strip club. That would be a bit too much for the senses. I'll take a good game on TV over a lap dance from a girl named "Cristelle" who is trying to pay for her law degree. Sure, our exorbitant $1500 tuition fees require students to go to such lenghts. This is the city where tuition hikes occur at a slower pace than a Barry Richter end to end rush.

The FHF are slowly gearing up for Euro 2008, with qualifying games already scattered throughout the spring and summer. If Greece pulls off another upset, you read it here first, I'm going to throw myself off someplace high.

What direction are the Habs going in? It's too early to speculate. The Yashin rumors are nothing but and unless he signs, I wouldn't read much into it. I don't know that he is the igniting flame that must be lit under Kovalev's tremendously lazy culo but I don't see it as the passionate mix that brings the chalice of love home. We saw what Anaheim did. It takes grit and selflessness; Kovy and "Museum Donor Boy" don't come to mind all that quickly. Now if MDB wants to sign here for coffee and change, that's another story. I'll even buy the coffee, keep the change.

The Draft is upon us, then comes July 1, talk to me a week later, when most of the UFA's will have been snatched up. If the Habs are in the mix, if they are part of the conversation then there is hope. One thing is absolutely certain, this team needs to fill the hole in the middle on that second line. Some say that gap has been filled for the last 10 years because that's all Saku Koivu has been good for. I disagree. But if that is true, and most believe it to be so, then who's on first? Mike "For the love of God someone feed this poor child" Ribeiro was not the answer. Plekanec is maturing into a great two-way forward but he needs to become the face of the 3rd line, the back bone of any team with depth and the ability to come up with that important goal. Higgins converted to center? He is going to be a beauty, but the answer is develop him into the natural player he is at his natural position, on the wing. I keep on replaying in my mind that gorgeous goal he scored in the last game against the Leafs and wonder what is to come.

This team needs a center, who can plug and play on lines 1 and 2 and who can provide the punch that will desperately be needed once the canon's launched by Sheldon St-Laurent will have been silenced. (i'm already in prep-grieving mode). Maybe MDB is the answer. Since he never seemed to care about the game, and neither did Kovy, maybe 2 negatives turn into a posi....ahh forget it....


habsfan29 said...

I think I would take the lap dance. It's over in 5 minutes (or a half hour)then you go watch the game.

HabsFan33 said...

I know you would. Everyone knows you would.