Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where Have You Been HF33?

I have come out of summer hibernation, summernation. Thanks to our legions of fans and our amazing manager for the incredible "Happy Bday HF 33 Concert" that you all made so special. I will never forget. Special thanks to Coldplay, ABC and Kriss Kross.

Also, a very special thanks to HF29 for his warm, warm wishes on this very blog site. Besides serving to extend pleasant birthday well wishes, I also believe the picture chosen was a subtle wink to the St-Jean festivities of the day before and to the prospect of SEPARATION that was so well illustrated by "Madame Gave Me the Butterflies".

Was HF33 upset with the No Espo Show? Do we believe the Habs will go UFA and make all well in city that will waltz to jazz in the next few days? Tomorrow all questions shall be answered. But for now, I must rest my little head on the bosom of peace and quiet.

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