Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bye Bye Sheldon

If there was any question whether "Boomer" Souray would return to the Habs fold despite the allure of joining his smoking hot wife (are they divorced or not?) and little children in Cali, was answered when Kimo Timonen (or Kimo-Timo to his friends) pulled out pictures of Paul Holmgren drunk in the company of several strippers and blackmailed the Flyers for $6.3/year for 6 (!) years.

OK, I have no evidence for blackmail, but $6.3 (!) over 6 years?? That puts Souray's ballpark at $6M minimum - and there is no way Gainey can pay his number 2 (or three) D-man (Souray) more than his number 1 (Markov).

Besides, as much as I love Souray and his point shot, I don't love Souray and his, um, lack of defensive accumen (see Spezza, Jason). And what are the chances of a repeat of last year's stats? Or is it more likely that someone shells out big bucks a la $6M per year on a long term contract and he returns to his pre-2006/07 stats, meaning he is trade bait (or a buy-out candidate) within 2 years.

Wouldn't it be more productive to sign a second tier UFA like Tom Pressing, or maybe go after Scott Hannan or Brad Stuart (although that may cost as much as Souray)?

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Anonymous said...

Seriously are they divorced or not???

HabsFan33 said...

Not divorced, estranged, it's cooler.