Monday, June 25, 2007

Will PK Subban Play on the PK?

And the FHF all-draft-all-the-time long weekend drags on. If I may say so myself (and let's face it I may, given my Blogger account and all), the sheer volume of draft posts around here is amazing. TWO as-it-happens draft reports? Sure my posts were just drunken snark, but Panger brought the snark and the analysis. Nice. On a totally unrelated note, the FHF will soon be having staff meetings to, you know, discuss who is doing what around here.

Anyway, the story for the Habs was D and Minnesota. 6 defensemen taken. 4 picks from the 11th Canadian province. Of course, I have no fucking clue who any of them are. We'll leave the anlysis to Panger. All I see is the handsome young gentleman you see above, PK Subban, aka The Subbanator. Apparently he can't play D at all, is really an offensive D, so I'm guessing he won't be on the PK at all. Just tragedy for headline writers.

Always a story around the Habs is the Quebecers. We did manage to grab Olivier Fortier from the Oceanic, but he's the only one. Of course, this is part of the larger story of the smallest number of Quebecers drafted ever. But one Québecois for the Habs will not satisfy the 110% crowd, talent evaluation be damned.

Cheer up francophone media, the free agent period is only 6 days away. Then you can really complain.

A final note - for those of you who think I only posted the picture above to show The Subbanator's, er, background, I only posted it because I still can't find a picture of Kyle Turris' mom.

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