Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bruins to change jerseys; Still suck at everything else hockey-related

Big news out of Boston, where the hated B's and their skinflint owner have accidentally done something right by changing the horrible jerseys they have sported lately back to something resembling the "classic" (and by classic, I mean the Orr-Espo-O'Reilly-Cashman years, the era those lunchbucket carrying gorillas consider their golden age ... after all, they won 2 (2!) cups, lost in a huge upset to an even more thuggish Flyer team, and were on the wrong end of the most famous too-many-men penalty ever) Bruins togs.

You just know Jeremy Jacobs did it for the cash, and not the right reason, which is as follows:

The Bruins, an original six franchise, used to have a cool looking jersey. They saw dollar signs and changed it to something that looked like it was created using an ECHL jersey starter kit, then compounded the problem by introducing a mustard yellow third jersey with Smokey the Bear's severed head as the logo. Their jersey needed to be changed so that they weren't embarassing their Original Six brethren, all of whom have top ten jerseys style-wise . At least now they are only propping up the bottom of the standings, not the apparel sales too.

You just know whatever fans the B's have left will buy these things in droves. You know TD Banknorth Garden will still only be half-full, so Jeremy Jacobs will sell off Patrice Bergeron for 50 cents on the dollar. You know the Habs will still step on the Bruins necks all next year no matter what they're wearing. Tim Thomas could come out dressed like fucking Batman and he's still giving up at least 5 goals next time he visits the Bell Centre.

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Anonymous said...

so true. as a former B's fan, I salute you. The Bruins' steady fall from grace under the evil Jacobs is the most heartbreaking team saga in hockey after expansion.